Quick Hits Supplemental – Due Diligence has Been Applied!

This morning, one of my favorite former managing editors chided me for my “failure” to reach out to Kane County Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles to get her side of several stories. Since it’s such a rare pleasure to prove even a former editor wrong, I gleefully outlined the steps I’ve taken to get her to go on the record.


Those steps include:

  • Numerous emails
  • Typewritten letters delivered to her administrative assistant
  • Typewritten letters sent via snail mail
  • Phone calls

Boles did respond to some early emails, but those primarily dealt with my travels through the court system as the victim of a Class X felony. When I broke the story about her brother Michael Clancy’s affair with Anjum Coffland, Boles blocked my email address from all Judicial Center servers.

So, I went as far as hand delivering a printed email to her office.

Thus far, the Chief Judge has failed to respond to any request for comment on any story directly involving her. And in my mind, having my email address blocked removes any requirement for me to continue to reach out to her.

But if one of my former managing editors doubts my due diligence, I thought I should clear it up ASAP.


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