Quick Hits – Special Report!

Quick Hits – Special Report!

In what can only be described as a very welcome turn of events, our Kane County full circuit (elected) judges, by a majority vote, chose Aurora attorney Reggie Campbell as our newest 16th Circuit associate judge.

Not only is it important to have at least one African-American serving on the bench, but Reggie’s vast and varied legal experience combined with a stellar comport make him far better candidate than runner up, Kane County State’s Attorney chief felony prosecutor Bill Engerman.

Reggie Campbell

We have previously discussed that distinction at length.

I know it’s hard to believe that, particularly when it comes to any complex governmental endeavor, on occasion, the right thing can happen. I want to compliment those judges for their wise choice.

As it is with any judge, my fervent with is that Reggie works hard, listens to sage counsel when necessary, and that he hits the ground running. Congratulations Reggie! I have no doubt you’ll do the black dress proud!


Oh! And in regard to tomorrow’s Quick Hits, I’ll be in courtroom 320 tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. to personally bear witness Judge Kevin Busch’s ruling on whether the 19 sex offenders currently residing at Aurora’s Wayside Cross Ministries can remain at that location.

My plan is to report back as quickly as possible, but if the hearing goes into overtime that may not be possible.




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