Quick Hits – A Wayside update and a judge that can’t behave!

Quick Hits – A Wayside update and a judge that can’t behave!

As previously promised, I did, indeed, attend the Wayside Cross Ministries v. The City of Aurora hearing in Kane County courtroom 320 at 9 a.m. this morning, and the status quo reins.

The Wayside residents’ attorney, who inspires no confidence whatsoever, tried to backdoor a TRO (temporary restraining order) to keep those men in that building pending the inevitable appellate court ruling, but he failed to do so.

That said, rest assured, the fat lady ain’t nearly warmin’ up yet!

Though there’s nothing in place to prevent the City of Aurora from enforcing the unconstitutional Illinois sex offender statute as we speak, that Wayside attorney will shortly file for an emergency TRO with the no-nonsense Second District Court of Appeals, it will be granted, and those men will stay put for the four to six years it will take our justice system to unravel this stupidity.

Now, you all know me! Given my vast penchant for public service and my stellar personality, I’d normally post Judge Kevin Busch’s written ruling right here so you could see it for yourself. It’s something I’ve regularly done for the ten years I’ve covered the Kane County court system.

Kevin Busch

But alas, Dear Reader, it pains me to admit that, for the first time in my lengthy journalistic career, I’ve failed you. I know! I have a hard time believing it, too, and I’m me!

You see, as I’ve done at least a dozen times over the last decade, I quietly and politely approached the room 320 court clerk to get a copy of that written ruling. And because Circuit Clerk Executive Assistant Kristy Sharpness runs a tight shop, he was more than happy to oblige an upstanding member of the press.

But when Judge Busch saw what was happening, never missing an opportunity to embarrass someone he doesn’t like, he ordered the clerk to sit down saying, “Sir! The clerk is not here to help you. If you want a copy of the order, go to the Circuit Clerk’s office.”

And Busch made a point of performing his shtick loudly enough for the rest of the courtroom to hear it!

Since, unlike the Judge, I refuse to make a public scene, I simply headed down the clerk’s office of the first floor of the Geneva civil court building, only to have the two lovely ladies manning the desk say, “Get the courtroom clerk to give you that order. That’s what he’s there for.”

I replied, “That’s what I thought.”

The hilarity was, there were a number of attorneys there at the time and they summarily launched into a tirade regarding Kevin’s utter lack of judicial comportment. And who am I to disagree with them?

Then, to add insult to injury, the young female Tribune reporter somehow obtained a copy of that very same ruling. Oh the ignominy! How will I ever show my face in public again?

As far as trying to embarrass me, I actually consider today’s proceedings to be a major step up! The last time Daily Herald reporter Harry Hitzeman and I were in the same courtroom, he chased me down the hall, jumped into an elevator with me, and threatened to assault me such that court security had to intervene.

So, Kevin!  You’re going to have to do a lot better next time.

For all the obvious reasons, I’ve had reservations about the gentleman who approached me last year to run a 2022 anti-retention campaign against you. He’s willing to put 40 to 50 grand into to seeing you relegated to the anonymity you so richly deserve. Despite your best efforts, you didn’t nearly deprive him of all his hard-earned cash.

And some people say I have a way of framing a message.

This gentleman’s contention is that you spent so much time staring at his ex-wife’s rack, you failed to appropriate apply the law. And that certainly seems to make sense in light of your well-known reputation for misogynist courtroom behavior and a sexual harassment complaint that derailed your effort to become chief judge.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m going to take his money. Having already aggravated the crap out of national Teamsters Union, like Alexander the Great before me, I’ve been lamenting the lack of new worlds to conquer.

Thank you for proving me wrong Your Honor!

Meanwhile, the Circuit Clerk’s office will provide me with that written ruling on Monday and I will post it here. And if any of you face the kind of abhorrent behavior so many Kane County judges insist on dishing out, please come to me. Unlike Chief Judge Clint Hull, I will listen, and I will address it.

It’s the least I can do.

9 thoughts on “Quick Hits – A Wayside update and a judge that can’t behave!

  1. Was this the only thing going on or implicating the Kane County courts in the last week, or was there something else? Maybe something you wrote about earlier? Pray tell.

    1. Illinois Supreme Court affirms Second District’s grant of new trial for Shadwick King, holds that Safarik “absolutely” shouldn’t have been allowed to testify to cause of Mrs. King’s death and to “profiling” of offender characteristics, among other things. Says Safarik was allowed to sit as a thirteenth juror through whom the state delivered its closing argument from the witness stand. Another stinging rebuke for this prosecution, which, in obtaining Supreme Court review, succeeded in cementing the Illinois courts’ unequivocal rejection of this kind of expert here and perhaps across the country. The 1/24/20 opinion ought to be accessible online and easier for you to get than a written opinion from the circuit court out there. (Ridiculous.)

      1. Mike,

        Thank you for reminding me! I did see that, but since I predicted this new-trial outcome, I didn’t think to cover it. Though, with Kane County Public Defender Kelli Childress gone, I do wonder who will be taking this case.

        Brenda Willett is an accomplished attorney, but I don’t hear much about her as a litigator. Liz Zink, second chair on the Daniel Rak defense, is a very astute and perceptive PD, but she lacks the bombast this kind of defense will require.

        Though I firmly believe Mr. King did it, back when we got along, Ms. Childress provide me with all sorts of evidence as to just how the Geneva Police screwed up, and they screwed up badly.

        This is not going to be a slam dunk case for the KCSAO.


  2. He is entitled to a fair trial, period. In the courtroom, he remains entitled to a presumption of innocence, aside from what you or anybody thinks from reading the press accounts or even the factual summaries that appear in the court opinions. The threshold question is still was she even killed. That has yet to be proved.

    1. Mike,

      As I’ve previously written, he did not get a fair trial and that’s why he’s getting a new one. But unlike it was with Daniel Rak, whom I firmly believed to be innocent, I think it’s important to point out that I don’t feel the same way about Mr. King.

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