Quick Hits – March 15, 2016

Quick Hits – March 15, 2016

It does matter!

Sure! It drives me crazy when newspapers pen yet another “we think you should get out and vote” editorial because it’s the lowest of low hanging fruit. C’mon, what are they gonna say? Stay home and sit on your ass?

I votedSo I’m going to take a slightly different tack.

Even though I’m probably preaching to the choir here, just in case any of you all are thinking that those Seinfeld reruns are a better option, may I remind you that, considering the number of previously close Kane County elections, your vote really does matter.

Please allow me to explain:

  • In 2015 Pingree Grove Mayor Greg Marston lost to challenger Steve Wiedmeyer by two votes.
  • In 2014 D. J. Tegeler beat Judge Marmarie Kostelny by seven votes.
  • In 2013 St. Charles Second Ward Alderman Arthur Lemke beat Cliff Carrigan by five votes.

And I could go on because those kind of close contests occur every election cycle, but I’m sure you get the idea.

Clearly, your vote counts.


It’s time to make a few predictions

We’ll apply a great deal more scrutiny to these races on tonight’s special Left, Right and You election night edition on WRMN AM1410 from 7 to 10, but here’s something to keep you occupied until then:

US Senate                  

Tammy Duckworth and Mark Kirk win big.

6th Congressional

Peter Roskam.

8th Congressional

Raja Krishnamoorthi which means we’ll finally be done with Mike Noland. Hallelujah!

22nd State Senate

Cristina Castro will beat Steve Caramelli by a bigger than expected margin.

66th State Rep

Allen Skillicorn will pull this one off. Never take the name of Left, Right and You in vain!

Kane County Chairman       

Chris Lauzen will best the 40 point margin by which he beat Geneva Mayor Kevin Burns back in 2012.

Kane Auditor

Terry Hunt will easily beat Craig Lee

Kane Coroner

Rob Russell squeaks by Bob Tiballi and Martinez beats Shoemaker

County Board 4

Brian Pollock beats Angela Thomas by at least 20 points.

County Board 8

Barbara Hernandez bests Maggy Ferguson.

County Board 10

Susan Starrett defeats challenger Doug Sullivan.

County Board 18

Drew Frasz pummels Jim MacRunnels.

County Board 20

Tom Armstrong wins big over Penny Wegman.

County Board 22

Willie Clements destroys Randy Hopp.

County Board 24

Longmeadow Loon Roben Hall squeaks by fellow Loon Billita Jacobsen.

County Board 24

Joe Haimann beats Longmeadow Loon Jarett Sanchez.

Kendall County Coroner

Carl Guiterrez wins big over Jacquie Purcell.

There will be much more on all of these races tonight!


It’s still worth it

The extra $1.8 million the Tower Building renovation will cost the City of Elgin, that is!

Between the Muscarello lawsuits delays which killed the Developers’ 2016 Landmark Tax Credit, the shorter project timeframe, and the suddenly falling façade creating an unforeseen expense, it looks as if the City of Elgin will have to pony up that extra cash to see the sale goes through.

And by “extra cash” I mean more development incentives and TIF rebates. But you know what? When you consider the abysmal alternatives, it’s well worth it.

towerThe $2 million estimate to raze the building is far too low because that concrete Depression Era art deco structure was built back in the days they really meant it. My educated guess is, with the inevitable surprises, it would cost twice that much to take it down.

Then there’s the Stickling Foundation owners who don’t have a pot to pee in. So you can go ahead and code violate them into the next century, but absolutely nothing will change. They don’t even have the ten grand to put up the protective canopy.

The City could commandeer the dilapidated structure, be forced to bring it up to code, be required to provide the ongoing maintenance, and for all that effort, stand by and watch their $900,000 piece of real estate lose its value faster than a local newspaper.

Of course, the City Council has to give such a serious investment some serious thought. But my fervent hope is that they understand this iconic building’s comeback will come back to them tenfold.

I personally guarantee you, a vibrant Tower Building translated means “If you build it they will come!” For Elgin, this might be second only to that legendary biblical resurrection.

All I can say is, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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  2. Found it in the Windows store (apple and android apps don’t work on Windows phones), but reading the requirements, besides wanting location services, phone identity, and owner identity, it also wants access to the phone’s microphone. Not sure I want you listening in to the action in my house!

  3. I don’t have an I-pad. I have a Windows phone, a Windows laptop, and a Windows desktop computer. If you put the link up tomorrow I might listen to your erudite commentary next week during spring break.

  4. Jeff, In the end, all of your work is for naught. Some lines in Kane County are 90 minutes long – even before folks get home from work. And they can’t release the early voting results until the last polling place closes. Thus it will be a non result election result show!

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