Quick Hits – March 15, 2015

Quick Hits – March 15, 2015

It’s the flipside of the same coin

I’m no fan of Donald Trump and his particular version of fascism. And the irony of the loon who wants to decimate the First Amendment suddenly screaming “freedom of speech” certainly isn’t lost on me.

But while a number of Democratic friends rejoiced in the recently aborted UIC Trump rally claiming they’ve never been so proud of Chicago, I can’t share in their enthusiasm. So they used Trump’s tactics to defeat Trump? That sounds like a loss to me!

Trump UICAnd it plays right into his hands by proving his stilted point.

No! Our best bet is to let the man talk as much as possible because he has no problem revealing who he really is. The only reason Trump won any primaries is because he’s had at least three opponents that have split the vote for him all along the way.

He will probably get the GOP nomination, but in order for The Donald to prevail in the general, he’ll need 70 percent of white males to pull the Trump trigger, something no candidate has ever been able to accomplish and that includes Ronald Reagan.

Thus, there’s no way he can beat a reasonable candidate in a one-on-one race. Another inexplicable Sunday column from the Tribune’s resident Tea Partier, John Kass, notwithstanding, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders would demolish him.

But if you all insist upon making Trump a sympathetic figure by attacking him just as he attacks others, then all bets are off. The next thing you know he’ll be writing a book called “My Struggle.”

The road to a Democratic November victory runs straight through Donald Trump and the best way to ensure that outcome is to let the man talk. Please don’t resort to a cure that’s far worse than the disease!


Don’t bother with a recount!

Though I’d love nothing more than to see a mass of unhappy second-place candidates descend upon the Kane County Clerk’s Office on March 16, the truth is, those E-Slate voting machines are almost as infallible as the Pope.

eslateNo one can mess with them because they don’t know how to hack ‘em and there are too many checks and balances for a programming error to go unnoticed. If there is a problem – as has occurred in some jurisdictions – it’s noticed right away because the printed ballot always gives it away.

That’s not to say our Elections Department doesn’t have problems because, trust me, they do. Please harken back to the absurd up and down Tegeler-Kostelny recount for all the evidence you need.

But if you lose by fewer than five votes, it would behoove you to have the Clerk recount the absentee ballots – if there are any. Beyond that, even if you’re down by a scant single vote, no amount of wishful thinking will ever make those E-Slate numbers change.

So instead of wasting time with a discovery recount, wish your opponent well, lick your wounds, and get ready for your next run.


The Treasurer strikes back

While most of our Springfield denizens eagerly hurl themselves off the fiscal cliff like a horde of deranged lemmings, there is one bright spot – Treasurer Michael Frerichs.

He’s the one who came up with the Illinois Growth and Innovation Fund which will attract tech companies and their ensuing jobs to the state at no cost to the taxpayer. Now he’s going after the bleeps at Sprint who have a reputation for reneging on rebate promises.

Sprint Sucks

There’s a really good reason we hate rebates right? The clearing companies generally get to keep the unclaimed rebates or “slippage,” which means it’s in their best interest to come up with a technicality that quickly renders a customer’s submission invalid.

To wit, the Treasure said, “It is frustrating and wrong when these large companies with deep pockets and corporate attorneys break their promises, keep money that is not theirs, and dare people to file a lawsuit.”

Apparently Sprint settled similar lawsuits in other states, but they won’t budge on the $2.7 million they owe the citizens of Illinois. Where’s Michael Madigan when you really need him?

Having run into Mr. Frerichs at the Kane County Democrat’s Truman Dinner, aside from being one of the few people I actually have to look up to, he may well be the most personable politician I’ve ever met.

Add that capacity to a positive and proactive approach and this man is certainly going somewhere. Hopefully that will happen before Illinois finally slides into the abyss.

A two-dimensional newspaper?

Chronicle 2This is a photo of me carrying my elderly neighbor’s Friday Kane County Chronicle up to his back door. My point being that, just when you thought a paper couldn’t get any thinner, this one just did! There are Sunday Tribune ads that have more heft than this thing!

The truly amusing thing is, the Shaws (the Chronicle’s owners) and their staff, somehow believe they’re still relevant. But they’re not. This “newspaper” will soon go the way of Kodachrome, the PDA and CDs.


Quick Hits

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