Quick Hits – Judges! The public is watching!

Quick Hits – Judges! The public is watching!

Fourteen thousand hits? To coin a phrase, I never thought I’d see the day that two pieces on the Kane County judiciary would hit those lofty heights. That’s a new single day record and it’s three times better than any local newspaper article could ever hope to do.

And it’s not me, it’s you! You, the reader, are the key to a Kane County judiciary that chooses to be responsive and responsible to the people they purport to serve. One independent journalist covering their continuing capers from his home office? Yeah right! That and four bucks will get you a small cup of coffee at Starbucks!

Gavel 3


It took two long years of coverage, listening to some real family court horror stories, and performing a fascinating due diligence before Judge John Dalton was moved out of family court and demoted. And, trust me, it is a demotion for a full circuit judge to be transferred to room 250 where eviction and arbitration cases are heard. Most circuit judges of his tenure are sitting in felony or family courtrooms.

The only reason Chief Judge Clint Hull finally dealt with Dalton, a miserable excuse for a human being, is because you, the reader, picked up that baton and ran with it to the point where the national press caught on.

C’mon! These judges aren’t afraid of me. It’s only when they realize you’re paying attention that this beyond lopsided dynamic starts to change. And it has changed. But this is only the beginning.

Before we continue, it would patently unfair to cast all Kane County judges into that poisonous Dalton mold. So, an effort to bring some balance to the force, here’s a list of 16th Circuit judges who do the black robe proud. In no particular order:

  • Rene Cruz
  • Sal LoPiccolo Jr.
  • Elizabeth Flood
  • Bill Parkhurst
  • D. J. Tegeler
  • Robert Villa
  • Todd Tarter
  • Mark Phaenis
  • Charles Peterson
  • Julia Yetter

Judges on the bubble:

  • John Barsanti
  • Marmarie Kostelny
  • Kevin Busch

New judges with promise:

  • Brad David
  • Julio Cesar Valdez

Beyond my own experience, I polled a number of local attorneys to derive that list.

Every profession is plagued with folks who do it a disservice, but when you consider 13 out of the 28 16th Circuit judges aren’t fit to serve, it’s a truly frightening proposition.

But now that you have their full and undivided attention, we’ll be discussing some of these judges in far greater detail. That short list includes John Barsanti, Divya Sarang, Alice Tracy, Michael Noland, a possible change of heart regarding Kevin Busch, and of course, there’s much more on Chief Judge Clint Hull,

I’m already looking into one of Judge Joe Grady’s more inexplicable custody decisions, and I understand the word he’d use to refer to the likes of me would be “buffoon.” Fascinating! Judicial Center sources are an amazing thing and I can’t tell you how just much I appreciate each and every one of them.

Judge Grady! Please spare yourself any further embarrassment and retire.

We’re not nearly done with John Dalton, either. He may be headed to a courtroom which will greatly mitigate the opportunities to exact his unique brand of sadistic damage, but he’s still a judge. However, considering current events, with your continued efforts, that too will change.

Put more simply, you just put those judges on notice. Now they know you’re watching!

My promise to you is I won’t be silenced. I will continue to tell your stories. The Geneva Police, State’s Attorney Joe McMahon, and Judge Hull have all given it their best shot, but I’m still here. And every time they apply another abuse of power, it only hardens my resolve.

Lastly, please don’t let this Dalton victory go to your heads because there’s so much more to be done. In the words of the great Albert Camus, keeping this “plague” at bay requires a constant vigilance:

And, indeed, as he listened to the cries of joy rising from the town, Rieux remembered that such joy is always imperiled. He knew what those jubilant crowds did not know but could have learned from books: that the plague bacillus never dies or disappears for good; that it can lie dormant for years and years in furniture and linen chests; that it bides its time in bedrooms, cellars, trunks, and bookshelves; and that perhaps the day would come when, for the bane and the enlightening of men, it would rouse up its rats again and send them forth to die in a happy city.


10 thoughts on “Quick Hits – Judges! The public is watching!

  1. Jeff,I have served on many Judicial Evaluation Panels and an oversite Committee for the State of Illinois. There certainly are Judges who are questionable. Unfortunately, there is a lot of Politics in being a Judge throughout the State. These are internal issues that the public is not aware of and probably never will be. I believe Clint Hull who I have known personally for nearly 30 years will be a great Chief Judge for Kane County, Judge Busch has a very difficult assignment in Domestic Relations and in Divorce cases, there are no winners. I have always appreciated your candor and work effort but the Public should utilize the oversight committees ( JIB) and retention ballots to remove Judges. I think Judge Hull stuck his neck out with his recent changes and should be commended. Kane County judiciary overall is one of the best in the State.

      1. Kane County is a train wreck with or without Dalton. But Dalton is a massive money maker for Kane County, and as much as many fathers in 101 welcome the change it won’t stick. This is a temporary move because of all the negative coverage Dalton has received. Move him temporarily to shut the public up and Daltons name will be forgotten. He’ll be back. Mr. Ward, I’ve given you over a year and a half of my life following your coverage of Dalton because you seem like one of the only people who will speak out against him. You’ve posted many stories regarding Kane County that have all been interesting. Because of Dalton I have seen the inside of Kane County jail one to many times over his bullshit and his ways. There is so much more that needs to be broken open that goes beyond the judges and blowjobs being passed around the States Attorney’s offices. It’s a huge profit center. While in there I personally seen the previous phone service contract which was obtained through the Information Act. It clearly stated if 475 heads daily were inside the jail, Kane County received a 30% kickback. Bob Barkers jail supply company provides the majority of the supplies there, that contract would be interesting to see as well, but there’s the big profit center called commissary that I’m sure they are getting a big chuck as well. Example, when the Pods are filled and I’ve seen it to many times, when 20 guys go to court, 18 guys go home, everyone gets a I-bond and goes home. When the Pods are on the emptier side, no one goes home. Why? Are they making sure there is the proper head count for kickbacks? It’s no theory, it’s no coincidence, its fact. Dig deeper in your goals to keep dibs on Kane County. Also, as mush as I despise Dalton and with all his games, the case with the dead 2 year old is not his fault. That crazy ass mother framed that kids dad because she did everything she could to keep dad from being a dad. I’ve heard and seen her cases in front of Dalton. She has indirectly said many times that if she “doesn’t have custody of those kids, no one will”. That’s why dad has not been charged. She put those kids through 4 “Rape tests” claiming they had been molested and every test came back negative because she demanded to make something true that wasn’t. She spent her every minute of every day doing her best on social media because she couldn’t make what she needed to be true the or her truth.

  2. This should be a great example to knowing that Journalism is not dead. We just need the papers and media to see this example and raise the standards that used to be there.

    1. Media should always be the backstop for real news, however it’s to opinionated and not factual. For instance, the story about Dalton being responsible for that 2 years old death. Had nothing to do with Dalton and the people that matter know it. You can’t make a point when social justice becomes the jury. Our media has become just that, they go with what social justice declares to fill the agenda. Like CNN and Fox for example, neither can tell a real truthful story, they need to report what their fan club needs to hear

    1. Bridget,

      I have in the distant past, but the truth is, I don’t know those judges that well and I don’t have the kind of sources in DuPage that I’m blessed with in Kane.

      But I’m always open to a good story.


  3. Jeff! Marmarie “I’m gay not happy” Kostelny “on the bubble?” Only because she was booted from Family Court and now has a baby-sitting job in drug court! I smell something fishy (which is a constant stench around Kostelny). Why is she mandating use of a particular drug, Vivitrol, to drug court participants? What about other, more proven drugs like methadone? Why is a judge prescribing drug use? The company markets to her directly. Quid Pro Quo? Money? A cute little sales rep? Promise of extensive cosmetic surgery with recovery at an LPGA event? Follow the trail Jeff, follow the trail….

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