Breaking News! Judge Dalton is being removed from family court.

Kane County Judge John Dalton’s family court reign of terror is almost over! On January 24th he will be moved to civil courtroom 250 which handles evictions and property arbitration cases. The 16th Circuit can’t get rid of him because he’s an elected judge, but this transfer can only be considered a major demotion for a judge of his tenure.


What that means is, if you have a date in courtroom 101 before the 24th, then you or your attorney need to file a motion for a continuance ASAP so you get out from under this utter waste of flesh and appear before the as-yet-to-be-determined new family court judge.

It would seem that journalistic persistence, on occasion, actually pays off. We’ll be discussing this very necessary and positive turn of events in far greater detail tomorrow (1/7) or on Wednesday (1/8).

11 thoughts on “Breaking News! Judge Dalton is being removed from family court.

  1. My case was all in my favor then I came to court and judge Dalton was my new judge and after that my balance went from 15,000 to 32,000 and Everytime I had court I was doing everything I was too do and still ended up in jail I ended up paying in one month 10,000 I had Court September 4 could not make it cuz I was having heart surgery I called they said that he gave me a court date for today January 6 went to court and he had put a 5,000 dollar warnt out I’m so glad he’s going to not ever see him again

    1. John G. Dalton has no business even being in a government position at all . He violated so many rights and blood is on his hands and these people need to get a class action suit for all the damage and families he ripped apart and pedophiles he gave children to knowing the harm. There’s more he should pay dearly for it ALL !!! He needs removed completely. He abused his oath and his loyalty was never . He lied and is still employed by tax dollars…. Get Rid of him!!!

  2. Can anyone tell me about Judge Grady? I heard he got in trouble for signing documents without reading them. My decree is so ambiguous, I would have thought he would have seen specific things.

  3. I dint Escape his wrath.
    Just got out of jail and lost my fourth job due to this Bozo. Sucks being a single Dad in Illinois.
    Trump needs to pass a law. 50/50 equal perenting time. Men get no justice in Illinois.
    Thank you Jeff.
    you’re awsome.

  4. So glad he got moved out. I’ve been wrecking my brain for years to figure out how to get him out. He’s affected my life negatively so many times.

    I filed with the board about a year or two ago but never heard anything.

    But, he is the most unfair and legally illiterate person ever!!!

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