Quick Hits – I’m Startin’ to Think Rauner Wuz Right!

Quick Hits – I’m Startin’ to Think Rauner Wuz Right!

Perhaps my long-time reader (singular) will recall that I broke the story of Former Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner fervently intending his insipid budget stalemate to, by default, force a number of state universities to permanently close. You see, he thought having a dozen of ‘em around was costing the taxpayers too much.

I didn’t embrace the idea at the time because even a temporary shutdown would’ve done great damage to those students’ academic hopes and dreams, and the consistent budgetary threat was having quite the deleterious effect on potential new admissions. Who’d want to apply to an Illinois state school if they could close at any time?

But now, in light of Northeastern Illinois University’s student, faculty and alumni response to former Trump White House press secretary Sean Spicer participating in a September 12 panel on presidential elections, I’m reconsidering my stance.

Put more simply, have I recently said my liberal compatriots suck?

Oh! My bleepin’ lord! By all the shrieking, howling and gnashing of teeth, you’d think Dave Chappelle was showing up to talk about the “alphabet people” again. Though it would be a lot more interesting if Melissa McCarthy was going to appear as Shawn Spicer.

Safe Spaces.jpg

To wit, a letter to University President Gloria Gibson from those same students, faculty and alumni claimed, “It would be an affront to humanity to host Spicer at NEIU.”

No! People wearing pajama pants in public is an affront to humanity. Inviting Shawn Spicer to speak is simply a case of entertaining another viewpoint. It’s the kind of open forum colleges should be providing on a regular basis.

And when their shrieking and howling fell on deaf ears – the university President said the show must go on – those same students, faculty and alumni started planning a protest declaring:

We find it particularly distressful that our university administration would ignore its claims to being an Hispanic-serving institution that ‘stands in solidarity with undocumented immigrants’ by providing Spicer this platform, and that it would do so in an attempt to raise the profile of this institution.

Then they had the temerity to use the term “safe space” which truly is an affront to humanity. For the record, if any of you bleeps use any of the following phrases in my presence:

  • Safe space
  • Microagression
  • Cultural appropriation
  • Trigger warning

it won’t end well for you. But I digress.

And don’t you just love the irony of those endearing college campus liberals labeling every last Hispanic student as “undocumented.” I thought that was the Tea Party’s job!

The Chicago Tribune estimates there are 307,000 illegals in Cook County, which comes to just under six percent of the population. Though this is a bit of an oversimplification, that means of the 9,000 NEIU students, statistically speaking, just 540 are here illegally.

So much for college students being able to apply sixth grade math.

The entire point of a university’s existence is to broaden their students’ horizons on every level, and refusing to entertain speakers who threaten your eminently fragile sensibilities is entirely antithetical to that process.

So, kudos to President Gibson for standing up to the rabble.

If you want to give your adversaries far more gravitas than they deserve, immediately resort to rending garments while offering stupid bleep like they’re an “affront to humanity.”

I’d like to hear what Spicer has to say because knowledge of any kind is power. What better way to defeat conservatives than to get it directly from the horse’s mouth? If those delicate student flowers can’t manage to handle that, then simply ignore him. Call me crazy, but I’d be willing to bet that no one’s put a gun to anyone’s head and said, “You must attend the lecture!”

At least conservatives are blatant in their bigotry. The fact that liberals have no clue about their vast intolerance makes them so much worse.

What’s going to happen when these kids get their first real job? Telling your white male boss his patronizing comment is a “microaggression,” or that wearing a sombrero on Cinco de Mayo is “cultural appropriation” probably won’t go over too well.

So, now you liberal MF’s have finally pressed me to the point where I’m actually agreeing with Bruce Rauner. If this is the kind of BS that’s going on at our state schools, perhaps it is time to shut the whole shebang down and start over.

I truly am a man without a country.


8 thoughts on “Quick Hits – I’m Startin’ to Think Rauner Wuz Right!

  1. I’m somewhat conflicted on this. I think professors and departments at any college should have free rein to invite whoever they want to come and speak, and there should be an expectation that that speaker’s event will not be shut down. However, Spicer was paid around $50k for this engagement, which, to me, becomes tricky not only because a university paying someone to speak is a bit different than a university LETTING someone speak, but because NEIU is a public college. Obviously private institutions should be allowed to do whatever they please with their money. On the other hand, NEIU is clearly not a good college, no high profile speaker is going to come there willingly, so it may be their only way to bring engaging people with interesting viewpoints to campus.

  2. The university of Illinois now offers an MBA program on line. SIU had an incoming freshman class of approximately 1,200 and undergrad is now at less than half of its previous high. In 20 years these directional schools will be gone. On line learning will be standard. Then the kids of the future can stay in there saferoom in their basements and never be frightened by the real world.

  3. Honestly, Jeff, I don’t see what you’re getting so indignant about. Slagging on “safe spaces” etc. is not only overdone and tiresome, it’s entirely irrelevant to what these kids are saying.

    As for “liberals labeling every last Hispanic student as ‘undocumented,'” where on Earth are you getting that? They called the university out for not living up to its “claims to being an Hispanic-serving institution that ‘stands in solidarity with undocumented immigrants.’” Standing in solidarity with a group, whether through ethnic or linguistic ties or simple empathy, is not the same thing as belonging to that group. No one believes that “every last Hispanic student” at NEIU or anywhere else is undocumented, and its just plain silly of you to say so.

    Spicer is a worthless POS and those kids are right to resent his invitation. What could he possibly have to teach anyone about anything? If what Randy Lahey says above about his $50K speaking fee is correct, those kids are probably furious that it’s being taken out of their student fees. I know I’m irritated that some of it is coming from my tax money.

    Finally, your sneering at NEIU as an institution shows an extreme lack of class.

    Sorry, but this has been one of your more disappointing posts. You’re better than this.

    1. Pan,

      Considering my general output, not every column will be a winner in everyone’s eyes. But I did take out the 2 paragraphs regarding the school’s academic standing because, you’re right, that was a bit over the top even for me.

      As far as they’re all undocumented, if you read more of the student/faculty/alumni press statement, it does make it sound like every NEIU Hispanic student is illegal, and that’s clearly not the case. So, they basically said it, not me.

      As far as Mr. Spicer goes, what he has to say about elections is incredibly valuable information. Donald Trump did get elected, and if we as a nation continue to fail to understand that dynamic, it will happen again and again!

      And part of that dynamic is liberals doing stupid shit like this. We’re supposed to be the tolerant ones.

      As far as Mr. Spicer’s fee, that came out of a gift to the school specifically intended to pay for said speakers. That’s straight out of the Trib, but I didn’t think it was necessary to mention it here.


  4. “As far as Mr. Spicer’s fee, that came out of a gift to the school specifically intended to pay for said speakers. That’s straight out of the Trib, but I didn’t think it was necessary to mention it here.”

    Sorry Jeff but it is very pertinent to the column. I do agree though that one can’t understand their opponent if you refuse to hear what they say.

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