A few tips for my adoring throng!

Alright geniuses, or should I say “genius.” If you really want me to believe I’m beyond heinous and all of Geneva will shortly show up and my front door with their pitchforks and torches, here’s a few tips:

1.  Spoofing the names of readers who generally support me won’t work because, as the blog moderator, I get to see all the email addresses attached to the comments.

2. Varying your screen names, but not your email address, is a dead giveaway that all the attempted comments are coming from the same person.

3. But even if you do vary your email addresses, I’m also am privy to your IP address, which is yet more evidence it’s just you.

4. And because I can see your IP address, with the resources at my disposal, it’s not at all difficult to trace it back to one person making you not nearly as anonymous as you think you are.

Thank you! We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.

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10 thoughts on “A few tips for my adoring throng!

  1. Looks like it is time for your neighbors to take photos of the license plates and send to GPD and sheriffs office. Mommy & Daddy might be interested to know where their little darlings hang out. Doubt this group will be hanging out at the $25 million library when it opens. But you know there will be plenty of articles about that when they have there GRAND opening!

      1. I would suggest the neighbors in mass attend a City Council meeting and speak out. The Police Department, in theory, works for the taxpayers and the Alderman are the taxpayers representatives. The newspapers might pick up the problem and expose it. There a lot ways this problem can be brought to the public’s attention. How about a picket line in front of the police station on a Saturday. The teachers tried it at all the local schools.

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