Quick Hits – December 15, 2017

Quick Hits – December 15, 2017

It ain’t over until the men and women in black sing

Alright my socially liberal brothers and sisters! Let’s all take a deep breath in 2…3…4…5; hold it 2…3…4…5; and exhale 2…3…4…5!

Better? Good! Now, trust me, the sky isn’t falling.


I know the scurrilous Orangeman just dispensed with Net Neutrality, but within a mere hour of that errant FCC ruling, the appropriate lawsuits were already filed. Since it’s going to take quite a while for those cases to wind their way up to the Supreme Court, there’s no need to start hoarding bandwidth just yet.

Furthermore, every public utility – and the Net is a public utility – has had to fend off this kind of blatant corporate monopolistic power grab in its time. And thankfully, the courts almost always rule in favor of the public.

Remember when SBC, as they were called back then, tried to force their competitors to pay for using “their pipes” as they put it? Considering it was the consumers who paid for those “pipes” via a tax on every phone bill, that effort didn’t go too well for one of my least favorite companies.

So, buck up my progressive compatriots! That Hulu episode of Dr. Who ain’t gonna slow down and start pixelating just yet. And when you consider our President’s vast capacity to shoot himself in various body parts, he may be gone long before the loss of Net Neutrality brings darkness down across the land.


If there was any doubt before…

There ain’t any more. Even Donald Trump called newly elected Alabama Senator Doug Jones to congratulate him on his upset victory. But Roy “God is always in control” Moore still refuses to do the right thing and concede.

Think about it! Our generally belligerent and tone-deaf president was more gracious than our failed senate candidate. That’s something I never thought I’d say!


Moore is clinging to the beyond false hope that a mere 1,500 outstanding military ballots will someone offset Jones’ 21,000 vote lead. Of course, when you consider the women he “dated,” Moore never was very good at math.

There may not be many of ‘em left, but one of the few remaining political niceties is congratulating your opponent when they’ve won the race. Moore’s outright refusal to perform that simple task speaks volumes.

It may be terrifying to some, but I say it’s fascinating to watch the national Republican Party implode under the weight of its capacity to sink lower than anyone ever thought they possibly could.


A new Kane County Board attorney

In yet another non-news story, the Daily Herald reported that Kane County Board attorney Patrick Kinnally is moving on. While it’s certainly worth noting that Kinnally consistently preformed admirably in the face of a situation that most closely resembles herding cats, that clearly wasn’t the DH’s focus.

No! Once again, their local reporter used this “opportunity” to take yet another shot at Chairman Chris Lauzen. Of course, when Karen McConnaughay was Chairman, this reporter completely failed to make any mention of the fact that Ken Shepro was her personal attorney, the County Board attorney, and he represented developers who did business with the county.

lauzen 2

I’m convinced Ken’s real middle name is “Conflict of Interest.”

So, in an effort to get the Daily Herald to finally cover some real news, let’s, once and for all, stipulate that Chairman Lauzen:

  • Doesn’t always play well with others
  • Tends to take things personally
  • May not be the most forgiving at times
  • Doesn’t like to hear the word “no” from an attorney

But he has managed to keep the property tax levy flat, and all of those bullet points tend to apply to yours truly, as well as most of his detractors.

Using Kinnally’s quiet departure to attack the Chairman – again – is the worst kind of low hanging fruit journalism. What’s next? Lauzen cuts the tags off mattresses and rebroadcasts games without Major League Baseball’s express written consent?

Meanwhile, of today’s 24 main section DH articles, only nine of them cover local issues. If you take out the two Crystal Lake stories which really don’t apply here, that makes it just seven.

As one of my favorite former editors likes to say, “The Daily Herald is a mile wide and an inch thick.” Yep!


Ives has NO shot

So, all the sudden all the newspaper pundits are trying to tell us that State Rep Jeanne Ives (R-Wheaton) not only has a shot at unseating Governor Rauner, but she might just get by the Democratic gubernatorial nominee as well.

I can tell you the answers to those two suppositions are a definitive “no” and “no!”


And I can tell you this because Illinois Republicans are so mired in that Einsteinian definition of insanity that they simply keep doing the same thing over and over again. And the same thing is:

1. The Democratic governor either goes to jail or does something so stupid it opens the door to a Republican candidate. (Who might just end up in jail, too!)

2. The electorate, fed up with Illinois politicians, falls for all that “government should be run like business” bullshit and elects a businessman.

3. But since political progress always depends upon consensus building, running it like a business inevitably fails, and the faithful start to lose faith in their messiah who was somehow going to save them from themselves.

4. Then, when their “conservative” candidate develops a chink in their Republican social issue armor, despite a host of previously ignored shortcomings, the faithful rise up and demand yet another true believer come forth to supplant the infidel.

5. And one always does! But though they might successfully primary the pretender, running on a social issue platform in a purple state damns them to defeat at the hands of whatever dismal candidate the Democrats manage to come up with.

6. Then we’re right back to the same kind of supermajority shit that got us into this fiscal mess in the first place.

Like the shampoo bottle says, then it’s “rinse, lather, and repeat.”

When are Illinois Republicans and Republican voters going to wise up and get smart? On second thought, don’t answer that question. It would be far too depressing.

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