Quick Hit: “Cesar Chavez” kicked off ballot!

Quick Hit: “Cesar Chavez” kicked off ballot!

Remember two time losing Arizona Congressional candidate Cesar Chavez, aka, Scott Fistler, who not only changed parties, but changed names in an effort to enhance his voter appeal in the heavily Hispanic 7th District?

"Cesar Chavez"
“Cesar Chavez”

Well now he’s got a nice new name and nowhere to go with it because Maricopa County Superior Court Judge John Rea just ruled that more than half of his petition signatures were invalid. They either didn’t live in the district or hadn’t gotten around to registering to vote.
Perhaps Cesar should’ve been paying a little more attention to those names and not just his own!
In response to the ruling Chavez accused the media of spreading “hate-filled propaganda about a candidate they have never met.” Perhaps if he didn’t change his name quite so often, he’d be a lot easier to find.
Mr. Chavez has until June 27 to appeal the ruling.

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  1. Did the candidate stand in front of gas stations, railroad depots and supermarkets to get the signatures?
    That seems to be standard practice of lazy politicians here in Illinois and, unless you have OVERWHELMING evidence that the signatures are bogus, the Illinois State Board of Elections will rule they are “legitimate.”

  2. No, this guy actually managed to fail WORSE than even an Illinois politician! Given the way things have been going in Arizona, it’s a surprise to see there still may be some justice there!

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