On pots, kettles and the Kane County GOP

The utter inability of Darth McConnaughay and her “insider” Kane County Republican minions to grasp the concept of irony is baffling even to someone who’s seen it all like me. How can anyone go through life without some sort of introspective and/or self-reflective capacity?
But not only do they manage to pull it off, but most of ’em make a really good living at the taxpayers’ expense doing it.
Apparently, the whole Tao Martinez/Rob Russell coroner kerfuffle continues to put their knickers in a twist. Following his unsuccessful attempt to speak at the Elgin Township GOP meeting, Democrat Martinez was granted an audience by the Western Kane County Township Republicans last week.
After all, the Aurora Democrats welcomed Chris Lauzen with open arms, didn’t they?
In response to this obvious crime against humanity, Hampshire precinct committeeman and Ken Shepro/Ellen Nottke/McConnaughay lackey, Connie von Keudell, lead the charge for a return to KC  GOP “party unity.”
But wasn’t she the one (along with Shepro and Nottke) who stood in the back of that Young Republican debate heckling Chris Lauzen so loudly you could hear her from the front row? And didn’t Connie make a big scene at a Geneva Township GOP meeting by waving her finger in Micheal Foote’s face just because he had the temerity to try to recruit precinct committeemen?
Considering those aforementioned pots and kettles, aren’t Connie and her ilk blatantly backing Democrat Sue Klinkhamer for county chair?
Isn’t it ironic how the McConnaughay group, the folks who made their name by bullying, excluding, planting, and attacking Republicans whenever it suited them, suddenly start shrieking and howling when the shoe’s finally on the other foot?
The truth is, Ms. von Kuedell’s call to put an end to the infighting is a lot like Mel Gibson offering to head up the local chapter of the B’nai B’rith.
Ain’t Karma an amazing thing!

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