Oh! What a tangled web we weave when we practice to…

Oh! What a tangled web we weave when we practice to…

Apparently, my unyielding support of and advice to Democratic corner candidate, Tao Martinez, coupled with the fact that the local Republicans with half a brain are willing to hear him out, is ruffling quite a few GOP feathers. Some of their meetings seem to be getting a wee bit testy.
And one of the side effects of Tao’s effort seems to be GOP coroner candidate Rob Russell overstating his curriculum vitae. Though truth be told, he’s been doing that all along.

Rob Russell

I attended a Russell/Tibali debate where, attempting to trump Tibali’s better fiscal resume, Russell claimed he was DuPage Sheriff Zaruba’s right hand man when it came to budget setting. And we all know that’s about as far from the truth as Joe Walsh’s thoughts on women dying during childbirth.
So now he’s trying to one-up Martinez’ “Elect a skilled death scene specialist” slogan by inflating his homicide credentials. But despite his claim of participating in 60 plus homicide investigations, an excellent source told me Russell hasn’t participated in one!
When inquiring minds (not me) FOIA’d the DuPage Sheriff to get the goods, they quickly discovered the true meaning of the term “stonewalling.”
Don’t get me wrong, they’re releasing some of the stuff, but nothing that can be used to pin Russell down. And when you really think about it, isn’t that the answer?
Of course, on the 1 to 10 Zaruba scale of Sheriff’s office malfeasance, it would have probably be a three because it pales in comparison to:
1. Zaruba letting his son play police officer whenever he wanted to.
2. Giving his son access to confidential law enforcement databases.
3. Zaruba and his buddies rigging the jail food service bidding process, and
4. Handing out promotions based on just how much your deputies kicked into your current campaign.
And let me tell ya, Russell didn’t make sergeant (a jail and not patrol sergeant by the way) without kicking something serious into that kitty.
So should it come as a surprise when our illustrious DuPage Sheriff plays fast and loose with the FOIA rules? Not at all. But forget about that. The real question is, after one corrupt coroner, do we really want another who spent a full term at the John Zaruba school of subverting the rules?
I didn’t think so.

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  1. Well, I find it iteresting that Tao Martinez, through his company Aftermath, has donated 1000 dollars to Ken Toftoy’s campaign. Ken Toftoy, is the incumbent Republican Coroner, and the Chairman of the Kendall County Republicans. Toftoy is well knowh to have issued “buddy badges.” So much so, that JIm Wilson (a former judge, known in 4 counties as the clown in the gown) go one. Here’s the rub, Kendall County taxpayers paid for Wilson’ 9mm ammo, 40 hours of traing, and a leg holster (to carry a concealed weapon?),and Wilson has never been on the Kendall County payroll, as a deputy croner. Wild, wild west baby….are the residents of Kendall County any safer because of Toftoy’s antics? Only Tao can tell us.

    1. My friend you got the wrong company! Aftermath is not my company the owner is Chris Wilson. I’m the founder of Archangels Biorecovery Inc.
      I have not made any donations to Ken Toftoy’s campaign. Your information is inaccurate, you might want to confirm your sources.

  2. OUCH!!!!! syohanie the is a re real slap. Back to the FOIA issue. I have a FOIA request into the chairman’s office for 6 business days now and still no response. Maybe a another call to the AG office will wake her up.

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