Kudos to the Western KC Township Republicans

Kudos to the Western KC Township Republicans

Let me tell ya, Denny Ryan and the Western Kane County Township Republicans know how to put on a Christmas shindig and please let me offer a special thanks to Dave Richmond for inviting me as his guest. As it turns out, Dave is the perfect Dean Martin to my Jerry Lewis.
When 14th District Congressman Randy Hultgren got up to give his all too typical Republicans will eventually prevail despite all the odds speech, which basically abrogated any personal responsibility for the Illinois GOP’s utterly abysmal Nov. 6 showing, I turned to Dave and said, “please hold me back.”
This, of course, solicited some untimely raucous laughter from our table which I’m sure completely confused the Congressman. Not that it takes all that much.  west kc
Now, some folks say he harbors specific political aspirations, but conservative radio personality Dan Proft got up and called out the Illinois Republicans in no uncertain terms. It was the complete antithesis to that wishful thinking that has plagued the party of Lincoln so recently. It was a great speech and I don’t say that very often.
And he was dead on. I’ve been trying to tell you all the first step the GOP needs to take before they have any shot at regaining the reins of Illinois government is to take a long, hard look in the mirror. I’m still waiting for an answer to the question, “How could Bill Brady lose to a guy who blatantly promised to raise taxes?”
Perhaps we’ll get to the answers, as I perceive them, in another post!

5 thoughts on “Kudos to the Western KC Township Republicans

  1. So Dave Richmond and Jeff Ward make a “Dean & Jerry” combo. If you throw in Denny Ryan, do you guys turn into the Three Stooges (nyuk nyuk nyuk).
    Seriously, Jeff you keep pining away for someone to challenge Congressman Hultgren in the next election in the Republican primary, and even intimated in another column you hope Elburn Village Trustee Ethan Hastert will make another go of it against Hultgren. You forgot, there is an alternative in the 14th district — soon-to-be-former Congressman Joe Walsh, who actually lives in the 14th district, and now has nothing to lose in challenging Hultgren in 2014.
    Hultgren/Walsh is much more likely to happen in 2014 then Hultgren/Hastert ][.

  2. Dear Oncoming,
    All famous comedy teams aside, I cannot get behind Mr. Walsh for anything until and unless he makes the minimum effort to live up to his own rhetoric. Thus, if I don’t run against him, my fondest wish remains that Ethan Hastert dispenses with our Hultgren misery.
    As far as the almost former Congressman Walsh goes, the serious word on the street is that he’s gonna take a shot at the Springfield governor’s mansion. And if he somehow gets the nod it will insure a second Quinn term.

  3. Randy is a empty suit, talks about coming toghether with the GOP leadership…..that is a joke. the Old Boys club has lead IL into this mess. I think others will take a shot at Mr. Hultgren. As far as Ethan goes he has trouble attending meetings in Elburn.

    1. Jim, can you share any names? Any serious challenger to Hultgren in 2014 needs to start exploring a viable candidacy now, including the all important funding component. Do you think Joe Walsh would fare well? He held a post-election Town Hall yesterday in Wauconda, and he is known in the northern parts of the district very well.

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