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But if you missed it, you can listen to the show right here: Left Right and You Dec. 4
Allen and I discussed scintillating topics like whether Liberalism will fail under it’s own vast weight, whether Republicans shoot themselves in the foot by pandering to the religious right, the particulars of 8th District State Rep. LeShawn Ford’s recent indictment, and the details of the District 300 teachers strike.
A big thank you to our anonymous teacher “Mrs. Brooks” who called in to offer the educator’s viewpoint. Regardless of which side you take, let’s hope they settle this one soon.
We’re looking forward to your feedback too!

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  1. Enjoyed your show on Tuesday, via the podcast, and found the coverage of D300 strike interesting, the highlight of the broadcast, since it pertained to something very local at happening at the moment.
    Hopefully, on Tuesday, December 11th, you’ll devote the first 1/2 of the show on the Kane County Board and the newly minted committee chairman appointments Chairman Chris Lauzen will unveil on Tuesday morning. Given both you and Allen are very close to the activity inside Kane County politics, your assessment of the perceived winners and losers among board members in the new leadership of the Lauzen board should be very insightful to your listeners.
    And finally, something intersting happened in neighboring McHenry County this week, when their county board chairman, who’s elected by board members opposed to at-large, produced a change with 4-term (term=2 years) incumbent Board Chairman Ken Koehler being replaced by Tina Hill. The McHenry County board has a 22-2 split between Republicans and Democrats, so this nearly all Republican so party-line votes had nothing to do with the change in chairman.
    What was interesting, and not reported until after-the-fact, was the 2 major challengers to Chairman Koehler, Hill and longtime Board Member Ersel Schuster, had records of personal bankruptcies against them, as revealed by the on-line local publication First Electric Newspaper:
    When Joe Walsh won his term in Congress in 2010, much of his financial challenges prior to the February Republican primary were unreported until after the primary election. Had it been reported prior to the primary in the newspapers, I doubt he would have won the nomination in a crowded field wanting to challenge then Congresswoman Melissa Bean, whom Walsh beat in November by less than 300 votes.
    And remember in the state senate district 33 Republican primary, how Karen McConnaughay’s campaign jumped all over her opponent Cliff Surges over the issue of late property tax payments?
    Back to the McHenry County story, concerning newly minted Board Chairman Tina Hill’s Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy as well as a foreclosure on their home, short of a lack of opposition research by opposing campaigns, how was this missed by the local print media, as well as well-known citizen journalist Cal Skinner, who runs the long-established McHenry County Blog? The result of Hill’s election Monday as board chairman is a boost in pay to $84,000 for her new part-time job.
    As I said, your insight will be very interesting here, too, but only after the Kane County Board assessment
    Keep up the great work!.

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