He's got friends in all the right places

He's got friends in all the right places

For those hipsters who follow alternative music, you’ll recognize that title as a reference to a Manchester Orchestra song. But the truth is, 16th Circuit Chief Judge Bob Spence’s career is taking off even faster than Lada Gaga’s gaining weight.
It hasn’t been made public yet (well…now it has!), but Judge Spence was just appointed to the Illinois Appellate Court, 2nd District. And not only did he move up, but they shifted Judge Michael J. Burke out of the “freebie” seat just so Spence could occupy that oh so cozy chair.

Judge Robert Spence

By “freebie seat” we mean that specific appellate court judge who serves only at the behest of the Springfield magnificent seven and doesn’t have to deign to get his or her hands dirty seeking voter approval.So now the guy who just got himself elected 16th Circuit Chief Judge is moving up and those already shifted Kane County justices are going to have to play that whole musical chairs game all over again.
It isn’t that Spence isn’t qualified because he is. If being an arrogant bleep disqualified you from a judgeship, then we’d only have two or three in the whole state. Perhaps now they’ll correct their error and make Judy Brawka Chief Judge. She lost out last time despite the fact we all know she actually paid the judicial dues that Spence never has.
Though you have no idea how much it pains me to have to admit this, former KC Chronicle Columnist and general jackass, Bill Page, was right all along. As long as you have Illinois Supreme Court Justice Bob Thomas in your corner, your judicial career will ascend to meteoric proportions.
My understanding is this kind of leapfrogging is making some of the longstanding area judges quite unhappy.
The reason Page got sued over the whole Spence/Thomas connection is because of an abysmally stupid email, the fact that he wouldn’t let it go after one column, and that he vastly overstated his case. This is how politics works folks – even among judges. But that doesn’t mean the press shouldn’t point it out.

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  1. Judge Brawka would be a great choice…….but this is KON I mean Kane County and who knows the deals that are being made. New Court update, Judges’ Parking garage, redo of the old court house or just a few new appointments? How many attorneys sit on the county board? With openings to fill it will be fun to see who gets the black robe.

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