Et Tu, Geneva School Board?

Et Tu, Geneva School Board?

I swear (and I frequently do) that all I have to do is proffer any government entity a compliment, and much like it is with a disturbance in the Force, they immediately go out of their way to prove me wrong.

And so it is with the Geneva School Board.

Because whether it’s been neighbors, friends, or inquiring parents, I’ve been quick to counter their in-person learning complaints with the comparative reality that both Geneva D304 administrators and the board have done far better in this keen perception of the obvious regard than many other school districts.

As we’ve regularly noted here, the CDC and a host of real experts have made it abundantly clear that, with reasonable precautions, the plague doesn’t spread in schools. The best evidence, of course, is with just half the resources of their public counterparts, parochial schools went back to in-person learning in September without a single setback.

But now, even after Governor Pointless has vastly mitigated the mitigations and new Illinois coronavirus cases are clearly trending down, the D304 School Board unilaterally decided to make those formerly hybrid Fridays remote only.

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