Amber Heard and Johnny Depp deserve each other!

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp deserve each other!

If the structures of the human mind remain unchanged, we will always end up re-creating the same world, the same evils, the same dysfunction. – Eckhart Tolle

Considering the already absurd coverage, the last thing I wanted to do is write about this case of massive mutual dysfunction run amok, but when you consider how the press – particularly female columnists – are trying to turn the trial into the end of domestic violence prosecutions as we know it, I felt the need to lend some badly needed balance to the force.

Again, the insane reactions to the outcome are just another form of the progressophobia we’ve been discussing so often lately by which the left fervently believes things are always worse than it’s ever been.

Really? So, this verdict is going to set domestic violence victims back 50 years such that they’ll never come forward again? Yes! Because every battered woman gets a column in the Washington Post, gets sued for defamation as a result, has the wherewithal to hire a million-dollar legal team, and her trial is covered by every media outlet in America.

When was the last time you read or heard about a 16th Circuit Court divorce or domestic violence proceeding that didn’t involve homicide or a public figure? And you probably haven’t even read about the ones that have.

So, unless they’re a movie star, women don’t have to worry about public ridicule and the notion that they do is pure unadulterated progressive press propaganda. So, let’s dismiss that ridiculous possibility outright.

Then the Chicago Tribune’s Clarence Page, who’s clearly losing it, tried to tell us this defamation trial will have a chilling effect on free speech because Heard never mentioned Mr. Depp by name in her column.

What? Apparently, Page doesn’t maintain the most basic understanding of our libel laws. To whom else could the once married Heard possibly have been referring when she wrote she was “a public figure representing domestic abuse?”

Were Mr. Page to write that a billionaire financing an Illinois Republican candidate was a domestic abuser everyone would know exactly who he meant. Despite the name omission he’d be sued and he’d lose. I’d also add that, for better and mostly worse, social media has forever dispensed with any potential threat to the First Amendment.

For the record, Amber Heard is no more a “public figure representing domestic” abuse than I’m a spokesperson for the Hair Club for Men. Though Johnny Depp is certainly the posterchild for how money, fame, and power not only fail to produce happiness, but magnify any inherent dysfunction to epic proportions.

If you believe the press, the trial was all about star power, who was more likable, and who could buy the better legal team. But if you really paid attention to the jury their verdict had everything to do with credibility, or the lack thereof.

Heard’s body language during her testimony demonstrated a capacity to lie and exaggerate with the ease that most of us breathe. Most DV victims don’t take a dump on their husband’s bed and her failure turn her $3.5 million of her divorce settlement over to the ACLU as promised completely destroyed her chances with the jury.

Who knew the better “defense” would be to essentially admit you’re a total dick as Depp set himself up to do throughout the trial? If his career wasn’t already over it is now. Talk about the “cure” being worse than the disease.

And “star power?” Really? Then why did Depp get just 20 percent of what he was seeking and why did Heard get anything? Though I generally don’t have a lot of faith in juries, this one managed to see through all of the obfuscation and do exactly the right thing.

Then there were the journalists who claimed the court system protects male abusers and one writer even went as far as claiming that “False allegations of domestic violence are exceedingly rare.” This begs the question, am I the only one who’s ever sat in a family courtroom gallery?

I’ve spent untold hours as an observer in family court, I’ve spoken with family court judges and attorneys far more often than I could possibly count, and I can tell you, particularly when it comes to child custody battles, bogus domestic violence claims are almost always a woman’s first resort.

It’s truly terrifying to sit in a courtroom and watch two people who ostensibly once loved each other become increasingly bent on each other’s mutual destruction. It’s a phenomenon I’ve watched over and over again and the death match doesn’t end in the courtroom.

Furthermore, family court judges DO NOT protect men and mothers get far more leeway than fathers in custody battles which was true long before the dawn of the MeToo movement.

Both Heard and Depp are perfect examples of the kind of crippling personality disorders that always make me cringe. Most actors and actresses are varying degrees of crazy because it’s takes a defective psyche to effectively slip into a character’s mindset. For every seemingly stable Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep there are at least a dozen Charlie Sheens and Angelina Jolies because the money and fame only serve as a catalyst for their vast dysfunction.

Depp and Heard are both guilty of instigating abuse and they did it with abject glee, and that dynamic will continue to play out long after this trial is a distant memory.  Anyone who’s “recovered” from growing up in a malfunctioning family knows just how addicting that dysfunction can be. If you don’t get a handle on it as an adult, per Mr. Tolle, you’re doomed to recreate it throughout the rest of your life.

And that’s exactly what these two have done. This the worst kind of self-defeating Pyric victory for both tragic individuals, neither of whom will ever work in Hollywood again. But to say this trial will have a significant bearing on anything going forward is simply the kneejerk reaction of a liberal and progressive press who are terrified of losing their “Cancel Culture” power.

Do I enjoy the public thrashing Heard is enduring right now? Having been through it myself I can unequivocally tell you it sucks, but, in the end, neither one of these characters deserve our derision or support.

So, aside from Depp’s involvement, why did this circus seem to herald a cultural sea change?

That’s the only easy conclusion in all this. The Cancel Culture got canceled!


Having destroyed celebrity lives for something as simple as a bad date, a questionable wedding venue, or a poor choice of words, this conservative equal and opposite reaction was bound to occur because it always does. Though Depp and Heard are pretty much hopeless, the best thing this debacle can do is bring balance to our force as we recognize that money and fame can never buy any form of contentment and we should do whatever it takes to avoid falling into this kind of dysfunctional abyss.


Despite what the press or anyone else says, there are no winners here.

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  1. Yes, divorce court and domestic issues are very highly charged.

    In my own case, the ex-spouse wanted t get spousal support till age 93!

    I had to appeal it and finally had it thrown out.

    But our courts are just a reflection of what we saw in this trial…the parties lie, ad like the king of bible days it is hard sometimes to decide the truth coming from each party….

    At least there was jury, and they may have heard all, instead of a dummy judge!

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