There’s no tyranny like LGBTQ tyranny

There’s no tyranny like LGBTQ tyranny

The idea that you have to be protected from any kind of uncomfortable emotion is what I absolutely do not subscribe to. ― John Cleese

While discussing issues of great import, a top-ranking local law enforcement officer and I lamented how the current stupidity epidemic puts the almost former COVID pandemic to shame. As he so aptly put it, “People are out of their bleeping minds.” And a significant source of that fascinating national IQ decline is the bizarre progressive notion that everyone within their stilted ranks has to feel good all the time. They somehow believe that, if life revolved around their bizarre version of reality, no one would ever have to experience a negative emotion.

They’re the loons who brought us:

  • Participation trophies
  • Scoreless t-ball games
  • Gradeless homework
  • No high school valedictorians
  • No overdue book library fines
  • No entrance exams for Illinois universities

because we can’t let our delicate little darlings feel sad for a single second or we’ve clearly failed as a society.

But while this absurd phenomenon has been somewhat amusing, it’s just taken the kind of turn that means we’ll have to come up with a word to describe something that’s far more ironic than the word “ironic” can possibly convey. I’ll start working on that one.

Because in a clear case of progressophobia, the 2022 Aurora Pride Parade organizers banned uniformed officers and police vehicles from participating in the event claiming, “…many members of the community feel uneasy in the presence of official law enforcement vehicles, as well as uniformed officers, due to negative experiences they themselves or someone they know have had.”

Apparently, they’ve have never been to a Village People concert.

And I’m thinking most of the parade participants must suffer from a severe form of myopia because they clearly have no problem with the uniformed officers and official police vehicles that will line the parade route for public safety purposes. Apparently, everyone has to be tolerant and inclusive but these idiots.

Faced with quite the backlash, those fine pride folks decided “to offer an olive branch” by allowing Aurora’s gay officers to march if they opted not to wear their uniforms or carry sidearms. In other words, everything would be fine if they just went back into the closet. As APD Sergeant and LGBTQ+ liaison Lee Catavu aptly noted, “The irony is not lost on us that we’re basically being asked to come to an event of inclusion, but do so without being our authentic selves and showing off who we are.”

That kind of protest sounds awfully familiar, doesn’t it?

Even Mayor Richard Irvin, who prizes political expediency above all else, got it right when he said, “It’s baffling how what is supposed to be an event focused on and celebrating equity, diversity and inclusion is now choosing to exclude others, specifically, the law enforcement officers who have supported the Pride Parade since its inception and who work so diligently to maintain safety and order at the event.”

Again, the word “ironic” isn’t nearly enough.

Irvin has subsequently refused to march in the parade, the City withdrew their float from the event, and they dis-invited the parade organizers from the traditional Pride flag raising ceremony.

When some astute Aurorans also tried to explain that the APD was one of the first departments to appoint an LBTGQ+ liaison and hire a prominent gay chief, the parade organizers had the unmitigated gall to respond thusly, “The APD is absolutely ahead of many other departments, but there’s still work to be done.” Really? So, we can’t acknowledge demonstrable progress until we reach perfection?

Apparently so, because these progressive folks’ lives would be rendered completely meaningless if things weren’t always worse than they’ve ever been. Apparently gay bars are still being raided and homosexuals are still being thrown in jail at an alarming rate. If you’ve doubted my “there’s no bigotry like minority bigotry” theory and this stupidity doesn’t change your mind, then nothing will.

The truly sad thing is, as they have in the past, this was the perfect opportunity for these Pride Parade people to set the example by demonstrating the kind of tolerance and inclusion they’ve long been denied. But no! The second a minority group attains any form of power they invariably become far worse than the bigots they’ve loathed. And despite their vast intolerance, these folks will be the first to scream bloody murder whenever they’re excluded from anything.

Worse yet, what these nitwits utterly fail to understand is that by excluding uniformed officers from the parade for this “it makes us feel uneasy” asinine reason they’ve provided the perfect justification for hundreds of years of homophobia. Despite immense progress – and there has been immense progress – there are still a slew of heterosexuals who aren’t comfortable with the idea of gay and trans people. So, if we apply the same “everyone has to feel good” logic beyond the parade, now they have no reason to bitch when straight folks exclude gays because they make them “fell uneasy.”

Remember! We all have to feel good all the time, right?

Put more simply, these Pride Parade morons have set one of the most counterproductive precedents I’ve ever seen. How they could possibly say, “It is the organization’s responsibility to provide the most welcoming environment possible for the largest number of participants we can,” with a straight face is beyond me. Not to mention the silence from the gay community at large has been deafening. It would seem that bigotry is just fine when the LGBTQ+ community are the perpetrators.

For 16 years I’ve defended the gay and trans communities in print at every turn, but that support ends today. You see, I’ve also taken on bigotry in all its forms and this blatant example of bias is so far beyond the pale that it’s time to start calling out this rampant LGBTQ tyranny in all of its insidious forms.

In that regard, I fully expect the fine people of Aurora to boycott this event just as they would if it were sponsored by the Ku Klux Klan, Proud Boys, Neo Nazis, or Westboro Baptist Church. Intolerance and bigotry are intolerance and bigotry no matter what form they come in.

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