Left, Right and You – On Thursday?

You bet! And thank you for joining us for our very first Thursday show which you can hear right here: Left, Right and You 3-21-13.

We tackled the really tough topics like my failed bid for the papacy. Apparently owning a pair of red shoes didn’t help my efforts at all. We also discussed the prospects for Catholic Church reform under Pope Francis I.

Then Benjamin VanMetre from the Illinois Policy Institute joined the show to discuss our state’s seemingly eternal pension crisis.

And finally it was on to the CPAC conference and the impending demise of the Republican Party.

Enjoy the show!

McQuillan, Ploppert, Grosso and Wilson come out winners!

I just got back from the Patch/TaxFacts sponsored Geneva candidate forum and will fling a quick post up here because it’s way past my bedtime.

The real shocker came in the First Ward aldermanic contest. Though I’ve had some fun with Zac Ploppert in the past, he cleaned opponent Mike Bruno’s clock. The bottom line in that contest was, if you really ant to have to hand your whole wallet over to the city of Geneva, then vote for Mike Bruno.

Zac Ploppert

Zac Ploppert

Ploppert was more engaging, more straightforward, and made much more fiscal sense. In one simple debate I went from believing Bruno was a shoe-in to wanting to vote for Ploppert which doesn’t happen very often.

The Geneva school board debate was a tough one because there were too many candidates on the dais and it went on so long that people started leaving. Incumbents Mark Grosso and Bill Wilson clearly came out on top there. The loser had to be Leslie Juby who had a really bad night and didn’t help her cause at all.

The second biggest surprise of the night was mayoral challenger Bob McQuillan besting incumbent Kevin Burns who had to be the heavy debate favorite. Of course, all the bets were on who would lose their composure first and, in the end, it was Burns who repeatedly tried to talk over McQuillan and issued illegal rebuttals despite moderator Rick Nagel’s protests.

Even Mayor Burns knew he came in second place because, in the hallway after the debate, he launched into a four letter word tirade that included, but was not limited to, referring to his opponent as a effing moron and declaring that he was effing evil.

Bob McQuillan

Bob McQuillan

Yes! The man who lauded himself just a half hour earlier for “building bridges” and “bringing folks together couldn’t wait till the crowd was out of earshot to disparage his opponent in this fascinating manner.

All I can say is. character counts Geneva.

Left, Right and You is moving to Thursdays!

Same time – 3 to 4 p.m. Same station – WRMN AM1410. Same co-hosts – Allen Skillicorn and Jeff Ward. Same lively political banter. Only the day is different!  fact_allen_skillicorn_jeff_ward

So please tune in tomorrow, March 21, for our inaugural Thursday show. I can promise you I’ll provide Allen with yet another liberal smackdown!

And don’t forget to call in at 847-931-1410 – especially if you agree with me!

It was Left, Right and You time, but you can still listen…

right here:  Left, Right and You 3-19-13

We discussed that, not only is the Sun-Times trying to force their suburban staff to quit by making their lives abjectly miserable, but they’re stiffing the Tribune on printing costs in the process. If you didn’t already know it, the Trib leases out their presses to their main competitor.

Then it was on to Vivian Maly from TLC Pregnancy Services and their attorney Noel Sterett who discussed the City of Elgin’s sudden aversion to a mobile ultrasound unit. You’ll be surprised at this liberal’s take on that whole thing.  tlc

Don’t let them get away with it! Cancel your subscription to the Sun-Times!

But the best part of the show was a poignant call from listener Dave, who lamented that there were no mobile ultrasound options when his then 17 year-old girlfriend (now his wife) was pregnant.

Though Allen and I vehemently disagree on a woman’s right to choose, I have no problem with presenting all the options.

And again! Left, Right and You is moving to Thursdays starting March 21. That’s right! We’ll be on the radio twice this week. I’m not sure western civilization is ready for that.

Thank you for listening!

It’s almost Left, Right and You time…

Again! Tune into Am1410 from 3 to 4 p.m. today to for the kind of satori only Allen Skillicorn and I can provide. On today’s show we’ll discuss:  mainstream_media-left-right-and-you

  • Why is Elgin so dead set against free mobile pregnancy services for young women? They’re not nearly as bad as pit bulls (on most days). Vivian Maly from TLC Pregnancy Services will call in with her thoughts.
  • The Sun-Times is behaving even worse the neanderthals they cover. Don’t wanna pay unemployment? Make your employees so miserable they’ll quit!
  • They just closed out the 2013 CPAC conference. I’m convinced the GOP is going the way of the Whigs.
  • New York’s Mayor Bloomberg may have been dealt a big gulp ban setback, but isn’t obesity just another form of socialism!

All this and your calls (847-931-1410). Don’ t miss it!

It was a Black Friday for the Sun Times Media West

Though I don’t know the full extent of the layoffs (a kinder word for termination) yet, and I’m not terribly happy with my prescience here, the swift and sharp Sun-Times corporate axe fell hard on Friday. As a commenter on the previous blog post noted, John Russell, the De facto managing editor of the Beacon News, was one of the more notable casualties.  sun times

And he wasn’t nearly the only one. Applying their collective third grade mentality, the folks at Wraports LLC thought they could avoid using the “L” word by making the suburban staffers lives so miserable they’d simply quit.

Of course, if they quit, you don’t have to pay any unemployment claims do you!

Forcing them all to make the three hour commute to the building on the river was just the latest ploy in their underhanded arsenal. The shit the STMW people had to take from nitwits who can’t even spell the word “journalism” was fricken’ beyond belief.

For example, the Beacon ran out of free-lance money last summer because no one at the main office told them what that budget was. But what those corporate nitwits failed to realize is a long Metra ride wasn’t nearly enough to keep those desperate folks from clinging to their jobs so they had to lay them off anyway.

As for the people who survived the guillotine and will make the downtown trek, they’re going to cram them into a two foot working space. The joke going around the Beacon newsroom is if you have to sit next to someone who gets sick all the time, you’ll unwillingly partake in all their varieties of the plague!

There’s a lesson here for all of us. Going down with a sinking ship is not a noble act and no job is worth sacrificing your self-respect. I’d rather be broke (and often have been) and be able to stare directly into that bathroom mirror than to become some sort of slave.

What’s the point of trying to stave off the inevitable? If those employees had applied those endless hours and all that bunker mentality energy towards another endeavor, they’d be well ahead of the game. If you don’t have faith in yourself then no one else will have faith in you either.

When the Sun-Times corporate goons made it clear they weren’t going to give former STMW head Andrew Herrmann any support, he walked away with his head held high. There’s always another path worth pursuing.

The irony is, like the last episode of the Mary Tyler Moore Show where WJM fired everyone but Ted Baxter, I’m convinced Denise Crosby, who’s presided over every mismanaged second of that newspaper’s demise, has survived the cut.

Go figure!

So now the Beacon’s listening to me…

Because they never did when I worked for them.

But after penning the piece, “The Beacon News Hates Hispanics,” in which I took “columnist” Denise Crosby to task for sending the wrong message to Aurora’s east side, the skies parted, the sun came out and a rainbow graced the gray eastern skies.  beacon

Not only did the generally spiteful Ms. Crosby write a column praising an Aurora East sophomore, but she actually applied her limited journalistic skills to the West Aurora School District which has been equally, if not more, problematic that D131.

That district’s community relations director actually threatened columnist Deena Sherman with the assertion that he could have anything she wrote about West Aurora pulled from the paper! How did the title of that famous book go? “How to win friends an influence people!”

Now we know why band teacher Steve Orland managed to get away with sexually abusing female high school students for so long.

Though I’m gratified to be a part of Ms. Crosby’s perhaps temporary renaissance, I couldn’t give a flying bleep about her. I’m happy to see the Beacon-News do the right thing because I want to see them and all newspapers succeed. But that won’t happen until they hold themselves to their own standard, get back to real journalism, and start taking chances.

For you cynical folks, my defense of the Latin-American community has nothing to do with pandering. It’s about doing the right thing. It’s about having the introspective capacity to see how your words affect people. It’s about recognizing that our Latin brothers and sisters – in the face of many challenges – have made great strides.

Like it or not, in 14 short years, Kane County will be predominantly Hispanic and you can either embrace it or futilely cling to a status quo that’s slipping away with every breath.

Personally, as I take a brief survey of just how well white folks have done with this country, I’m looking forward to a change.