What really happened at last night’s Kane County Republican convention!

What really happened at last night’s Kane County Republican convention!

Sorry conspiracy theorists! There weren’t any! In fact, multiple sources told me that former diehard FOKs (friends of Karen McConnaughay) Ken Shepro and Mike Kenyon have been downright conciliatory these days.
And I say, “Good for them!” Because not only do they have their good points, but we’ve had enough Kane County GOP infighting to last us a lifetime. The truth is, this county is getting more and moreDemocratic with every breath and unless the Republicans can mange to come together for the good of the party, they better get used to sitting on the sidelines just like they do in Cook County.
So barring some sort of skullduggery, why did last night’s proceedings take so long? Because Sugar Grove was not the best location for the gig and those bleepin’ roll call votes take forever because there are so many goddam precinct committeemen.
They’re kind of like those spring ants that get into your kitchen whenever it gets cold.

Tom Hartwell
Tom Hartwell

The first verbal vote came when Nancy Muzzey threw her hat in the Executive Secretary ring at the last minute as is her right. Though Connie Van Keudell eventually prevailed, the sudden appearance of a challenger necessitated the polling of each and every PC.
Then, just when 14th District State Central Committeeman, Stan Bond, thought he had it in the bag, two Tea Party PCs came forward for McHenry County State Rep Barb Wheeler. And that lack of unanimity incited yet another round of what basically amounts to taking attendance.
By that time, it was so late that folks started leaving immediately after speaking up for Stan. In a somewhat surprising turn, that final tri-county vote ended up like this:

  • Stan Bond – 20,324.
  • Barbara Wheeler – 16723
  • Bob Cook – 7706

Word on the street was Wheeler would win, but Randy Hultgren’s hand picked State Central Committee candidate went down in flames! I’m thinkin’ it might be time to give Ethan Hastert yet another call and see if we can put Mr. Hultgren out of our misery.
Sadly, just as brand spankin’ new Kane County Republican Chairman was getting ready to give his carefully prepared acceptance speech, there was nobody left in that lonely Prestbury building to listen. But trust me, you couldn’t ask for a better chairman than Tom Hartwell.
Tom’s clean sweep means that, per the pre-approved deal, East Dundee trustee and former Left, Right and You radio co-host, Allen Skillicorn, will become the Kane County GOP Vice Chairman. Allen dropped his bid for Chairman in return for that position which could ultimately lead to the chairmanship.
And I say “former” co-host for the first time because there’s no way that Allen can step into this impending roll and continue to criticize his own party on Left, Right and You. I enjoyed working with Allen for the past year and can unequivocally say he will bring a lot of energy to the party.
Oh! And by the way, Terry Hunt will replace Bill Keck as the new Treasurer, though personally, I wouldn’t trust him with all that the cash (I kid Terry!).
More on the new faces later today!

2 thoughts on “What really happened at last night’s Kane County Republican convention!

  1. Calling for revival of Ethan Hastert? LOL Uh, no. Let me repeat that, NO. Kane County voters already soundly rejected our very own version of Lisa Madigan. You do not have the best interest of the Republican party at heart if you are championing Ethan to run again. What’s next, will you back Jeb for 2016?
    There were more than two PCs who voted no when the motion for a unanimous Kane vote on the State Central Committeeman came up, but that doesn’t matter, you only need one to stop the runaway train. (Unanimous votes were given to Hunt and Hartwell because they were the only ones running for their respective offices.) To call for a unanimous vote when there were three candidates running for SCC was political hysteron proteron.
    The main reason the convention lasted infinitum was the very long bathroom break given between choosing the officers and the SCC vote. Without that break, the voting would have been over and done with in time to catch the early news on WGN.

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