Ward & Jones coming up at 3 on AM1410!

Ward & Jones coming up at 3 on AM1410!

The local news just keeps on coming! In an effort to keep up with it, the Smiling Conservative and I will discuss:

  • Donald Trump aggravates Mexicans even more!
  • The University of Chicago disavows safe zones and trigger warnings. What are conservatives gonna do?
  • Who cares who stands or sits for the National Anthem?
  • Elgin City Councilman John Prigge strikes again!
  • The Longmeadow Loons musta took their Valium
  • Kemper Insurance sues the state

And your on-topic calls at 847-931-1410.

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  1. As a proud American Citizen, That pride extends visibly as I will always stand for our nations National Anthem including my right hand over my heart. Frankly, it is not only disrespectful to our country and flag but to all people around you!

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