This is the October 20, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones!

This is the October 20, 2016 edition of Ward & Jones!

Larry and I want to thank Kane County Coroner candidate Tao Martinez for coming in and answering our open-ended questions. There ain’t nuthin’ better than educating the electorate.

And we’re running out of time, but any other candidate (above write-ins) who wants to come on the show before the big day, all you have to do is ask!

Monday! The Smiling Conservative and I will cover the final presidential debate among many other things. Until then…


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  1. Jeff I thought you said you would have no candidates on your show during the general election. I guess that doesn’t include the ones that pay you to run their campaign does it?

  2. No candidates on during the general election? What show have you been listening to? We live for candidates to come on during election season. Allen Skillicorn and Nancy Zettler debated on the show! Jarett Sanchez is coming on next week. Granted, it’s been a little slow this cycle because there aren’t that many truly contested races and the frontrunners don’t want to come on an encourage their lesser known opponents to do the same.

    And as far as Mr. Martinez goes, I issued that very caveat at the beginning of the show to which you clearly did not listen. We asked him the same questions we asked Bob Tiballi and the questions we’d ask Rob Russell if he accepts our invitation. Please stop wasting my time with bullshit.

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