They're still there!

I just drove over to the middle school and, while the rest of the media has gone home, the board and union are still there.
Before they departed, GEA head Carol Young did tell CBS News that she was hopeful there would be school on Monday, but that’s the only network to whom she’s speaking which has to make one wonder. It could be the truth or  it could be a ploy to later be able to come back and say the board dashed their hopes at the very last minute.
And therein lies the problem, when you’re dealing with folks who’s logic (or lack of it) eludes you, then the only thing you really have to examine is past behavior. And up to this point, every last shred of union behavior indicates there will be strike.
All of my knowledgeable news compatriots believe the same thing.
Not only that, but the offer that Channel 2 reported seem ridiculously close to what the board has been offering all along. For the union to accept it would have to be considered a defeat.
I still say the union’s current strategy is to wear the board down. They figure they can string them along and they’ll capitulate at the last minute out of sheer exhaustion. But I can tell you this board will, within the bounds of reason, stand their ground.
Dear reader, I would like nothing more than to provide the final result, but with no one left to report it (I’m going to bed), it looks like we’ll all find out together at 5:30 tomorrow morning.

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