The walls are closing in on Cathy Hurlbut…

The walls are closing in on Cathy Hurlbut…

Much like they would in a sinister Poe story. If you recall from these previous blog posts:

in her former capacity as the president of the their board of directors, Cathy Hurlbut did her damndest to single-handedly take out that swanky 220 unit Lake Geneva vacation spot known as The Cove!  hurlbut
Of course, we Kane Countians already know this is typical behavior for our former nasty county board member, but this time, instead of taking on some run-of-the-mill local peons, she tried to steamroll folks who actually have some cash. And they’re fighting back!
According to a multitude of sources, Hurlbut has already been served and The Cove’s attorneys have set aside a full day for her deposition at the end of February. And the Wisconsin Department of Justice, the IRS, and the Lake Geneva Police all want to know what happened to the more than $1 million of Cove money no one can seem to locate.
If you’re interested, the following links will take you to the most recent court hearing transcript: Cove Court 1; Cove Court 2. Though it doesn’t mention Ms. Hurlbut by name, you want to pay particular attention to Sean Skellie’s testimony starting on page 7.
It’s absolutely fascinating. For reference, with Hurlbut having driven the Cove directly into receivership, Mr. Skellie has assumed the facility’s day-to-day operations.
Now, please understand that Ms. Hurlbut is innocent until a judge or jury decides differently, but I’m beginning to believe that she doesn’t come out of this one without some serious consequences.

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  1. Could you please send me via e mail any and all articles that you may have access to regarding this captioned matter or any other matter that involves her in a feduciary capacity.
    She has been currently retained by a family member to oversee my deceased mothers multimillion dollar estate and I am quite concerned, scared to death frankly.
    Thank you very much!

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