The vast irony of the Democratic plague mitigations!

The vast irony of the Democratic plague mitigations!

I decry the injustice of my wounds, only to look down and see that I am holding a smoking gun in one hand and a fistful of ammunition in the other. ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

And that, my friends, describes the Democratic Party gestalt in one simple sentence! In fact, that sentence is so pithy I could probably end the column right here, but the thought of depriving you of my magnificent prose is far too much to bear.

On Tuesday we discussed the Party of the Jackass’ epic capacity to make the most horrific messaging choices and how that mental defect will be the proximate cause of their inevitable 2022 demise. “Defund the police” and “critical race theory” just to name a few. But even if the Dems somehow manage to recover from this messaging mayhem, that persistent failure isn’t nearly the only nail waiting to be the one to seal their midterm campaign coffin.

Nope! In what may well portend another full decade of Dem doom, all those pandemic mitigation chickens are finally coming home to roost, and in the words of that great philosopher, Warren Zevon, “It ain’t that pretty at all!” But before we get into the economic and educational havoc, I’d like to remind you of The First Ward’s consistent anti-mitigation mien!

Shutting the country down for two weeks while we got a handle on the disease was reasonable, but the persistent lockdowns were anything but. They were bizarrely capricious, they did nothing to stem the pandemic tide, they’re directly responsible for the delta variant, and they created the kind of mental health issues that put any plague possibilities to shame.

As the Kane County Health Department publicly noted, at its worst, the plague was spread in poorly ventilated homes, not in well-ventilated restaurants and stores. So, forcing people to stay home actually made the plague worse. Then, once we understood who was at risk, we should’ve swiftly moved to protect those folks as we allowed the disease to dilute itself by infecting healthy people who were generally asymptomatic. We still haven’t done that!

Considering the CDC’s you-can’t-catch-COVID-outdoors caveat combined with the irrefutable Lollapalooza evidence, shutting down outdoor events, and particularly high school and college sports, was even more pointless than Governor Pritzker giving the latest diet fad a shot.

Unless you’re wearing a surgical or N-95 mask it’s hardly better than wearing nothing at all. If you doubt that proposition, please read the warning label on your cloth mask packaging. And the utterly ineffective neck gaiter and bandanas render the whole thing moot.

Despite being 1.5 plus years into this thing, child COVID deaths haven’t made as much as a statistical blip, which renders the overly political decision to resort to futile remote learning just as horrific as going into Afghanistan. How is it that private schools, with far less funding, had no issue with in-classroom learning?

So, the coronavirus cure turned out to be so much worse than the disease, but anytime anyone tried to make those evidence-based points, the doomed-to-repeat-history progressive posse rose up and shouted them down with the charge of “sacrificing lives just to save the economy.” Ah! But now that we’re coming out the other side of this, it’s become quite clear that we’re paying the kind of economic price those Democratic nanny-staters pooh-poohed every step of the way.

Borne of pent-up demand, shortages, and needless supply chain disruptions, we’re witnessing the worst case of across-the-board inflation since the 70’s.

For starters, a gallon of Illinois Gasoline has spiked $1.34, or 60 percent over the same time last year. And gasoline isn’t the only surging energy cost, either! Natural gas prices have doubled just in time for the indoor heating season. And just for good measure, our already high grocery prices are projected to rise another 10 percent before that disaster known as 2021 finally expires.

But as bad as all that is, it pales in comparison to the damage the Democrats needlessly inflicted upon our children. According to the latest Illinois State Board of Education report card remote learning is directly responsible for:

  • Pre-K and kindergarten enrollment dropping 17 and 8 percent.
  • Chronic school absenteeism rising 13.4 percent.
  • Students meeting grade level standards in math and English declining 18 and 17 percent.
  • The number of high school freshman on track to graduate in four years dropping 5 percent.
  • Black, Hispanic, and lower income children losing a full year of learning from which they’ll likely never recover.

And those dismal statistics don’t even begin to cover the effects of plague induced isolation, chronic depression, and permanent developmental damage, particularly among elementary school children.

Which brings us back to our aforementioned irony – if you aren’t already ahead of me, that is. The social groups the Democrats purportedly hold closest to their tiny little hearts are exactly the ones disproportionally affected by the pointless plague mitigations that were, ironically, supposed to save them from themselves.

Think about it! Senior citizens can least afford the spiraling cost of basic necessities. Pray tell how is someone surviving on Social Security going to pay their gas bill this winter? I suppose they’ll have to choose between heating and eating. Then there’s the insistent stress minimum wage minority workers face every time they pull into a gas station.

It certainly isn’t a good time to be a single mother, either! On top of being hit on all financial fronts, now they have to deal with CYA school boards and district administrators who continue to thrust pandemic mitigations on our children who clearly aren’t at risk.

With Democratic friends like these, who needs enemies?

None of this bodes well for their 2022 chances. Though it was one mistake among many, the main reason Democrat incumbent Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe lost to a rookie is he aggravated the voters that decide virtually every major U. S. election – those traditionally Democratic suburban mothers. And if you mess with a suburban mother’s children you can kiss your sorry electoral ass goodbye.

So, not only do mid-term Democrats have to contend with their Party’s miserable messaging stupidity, but now they have to deal with the self-inflicted wound of unnecessarily alienating their base. How do you think a suburban mother who:

  • Has to pay 33 percent more for a gallon gasoline
  • Has to turn the thermostat down to 62 in January
  • Has to cut back on discretionary spending to pay for groceries
  • Has to hire a tutor to get her children over the remote learning disaster hump

is gonna vote in 2022? It certainly won’t be Democratic!

The truly sad thing about all this is there was a time that being a Democrat was a good thing – my Evanston youth for example. I know it’s hard to believe, but there was also a time when Democrats controlled virtually every southern state. But now, the only way the Party of the jackass can win an election is when the Republicans prove they aren’t any smarter.

By selling their collective soul to their rabid progressive base, the Dems have completely lost touch with their traditional voters. Then, to top it off, they consistently ignore the basic notions of political cause and effect. It would be one thing if the mitigations had any positive effect, but they haven’t.

This is yet another perfect example of the absurd Democratic propensity to believe they know what’s best for the rest of us, and the fact they get it wrong time after time won’t stop them from doing it the next time. They’ve done such a bang-up job cleaning up all that Chicago violence, haven’t they! And after telling us to do the wrong thing for the entire plague duration, now they wonder why people won’t get vaccinated!

People – primarily suburban mothers – elected Joe Biden for one reason – a return to normalcy, and when you consider his predecessor, that’s not a very tall order. All you have to do is avoid stupid shit while you do your best to ignore your Party’s fringe elements. But no! The Democrats can’t even begin to handle something that fuckin’ simple.

So, when you combine a patently poor messaging propensity with the pointless COVID mitigation economic and educational fallout, it creates the kind of perfect political storm that’ll put Donald Trump right back in the White House. I certainly won’t vote for any Trumper, but with a few exceptions (Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain and Illinois Treasurer Michael Frerichs) this lifelong liberal can’t see himself voting for a Democrat for the foreseeable future. And if Jeff Ward says that…

The truly hilarious thing is, when everything we’ve discussed here comes to pass, Democratic Party regulars will look at each other, scratch their heads, and still have the nerve to wonder what the fuck went wrong.


One thought on “The vast irony of the Democratic plague mitigations!

  1. Jeff, Jeff, jeff . . . I have NO IDEA why you continue to say “By selling their collective soul to their rabid progressive base,” . . .
    Are the Democrats . . . .

    Pushing or even talking about M4A ???? . . . NO !!!
    Pushing or even talking about a $15 Minimum wage ??? . . NO !!!
    Pushing or even talking about FREE College ??? . . NO !!!!
    Pushing or even talking about College loan forgiveness ??? . . NO !!!
    Pushing or even talking about Expanding Social Security Benefits ??? . . NO !!!!
    Pushing or even talking about any fucking progressive idea that also happens to be INCREDIBLY popular with ALL the voters . . .NO !!!!

    So will you S T O P saying the Democrats are selling their collective soul to their rabid progressive base . . THEY ARE NOT !!!

    Because if they were they would have an overwhelming majority in Congress in the stead of losing all their RIGHT WING-NUT Asses . . .

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