The top Geneva employee salaries. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Since The Chronicle didn’t have the cohones to print this, I will.  So let’s take a look at the top Geneva employee salaries. This listing only includes those staffers making six figures or more and, remember, these amounts don’t include the 80 to 90 percent city paid health care benefits and their ample pensions.
These are the salaries that the City of Geneva reported to the state:
City Manager Mary McKittrick  – $139,412.71
Since she became city manager in 2008, McKittrick’s salary has gone from $120,000 to the current amount. That means in the middle of the worst recession we’ll likely see in our lifetimes, her salary has increased by 16 percent over 4 years. Must be nice!
McKittrick makes more than any Kane County employee or elected official including the chairman, sheriff, finance director etc… Unbelievable!
Director of Public Works Dan Dinges – $122,847.59
In 2006, his salary was $105,249.24. That’s another 16 percent recession increase and his salary is also more than any county employee.
David A. Rowland, Electric Line Forman – $119,249.99
In 2006 he was making $99,000.  That’s a 20 percent pay hike.
Jeffery A. Wilger, Public Works – $113,734.62
From $95,751.40 in 2006 to the above amount means a 19 percent increase.
Mike Martens, Water Department – $113,615.52
From $89,052.37 in 2006 equals a 28 percent increase and he’s made as much as $117,000. Perhaps overtime is the culprit.
Community Development Director Dick Untch – $110,306.02
From $91,171.87 in 2006 comes to a 21 percent increase.
Edward Regelbrugge, Electric Utility – $109,581.97
From $91,171.87 in 2006 means a 21 percent increase.
Mark Schiltz, Electric Lineman – $106,319.49
It appears he was promoted 2009 when he made $72,410.65. But that’s still a 47 percent increase
Keith Benson, $106,046.92
I don’t know what Keith does, but his salary was $89,585.80 in 2006. That comes to an 18 percent increase.
William Dethrow, Electric Utility – $105,841.38
I can’t find his job title either, but an  $89,353.13 in 2006 means he’s seen another 18 percent increase.
Randall Erickson – $104,881.99
From $87,231.91 means a 20 increase. Again, his salary varied from year to year which probably means overtime played a role.
James A. Miranda – $104,623.50
Though his salary varies, it’s been been generally flat which means overtime is involved.
Economic Development Director, Ellen Divita – $104,525.70
This one kills me because she doesn’t do anything unless you count presiding over a dying downtown. She was at $87,644.81 in 2008 which comes to a 19 percent increase.
Ronald Chapman – $103,946.85
Again, another likely overtime recipient who’s salary ranges from $94,000 to his current amount.
Assistant City Administrator, Stephanie Dawkins – $103,099.36
There are some city administrators out there that don’t make this much.  Her salary has been generally flat, but the fact that it varies may mean that she’s an hourly employee which, if true, would be absurd.
Director of Electric Utility, Michael Buffington – $101,945.35
From $86,877.62 in 2006 comes to a 15 percent increase. His salary also varies. Could he be an hourly employee too?
And the really odd thing about this is the Mayor and Ms. McKittrick have been telling the alderman that Geneva employees are getting no more that 2 percent raises.  Apparently they’ve found a way around that limitation.
I understand that unions might be part of the problem, but if the county can negotiate 2 percent raises… No wonder they stonewalled the city council whenever someone like former Alderman Ray Pawlak asked for a list of employee salaries.

8 thoughts on “The top Geneva employee salaries. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  1. Nick,
    The salaries are ostensibly determined by comparing them to other municipalities, but that’s not the real issue. As far as the raises go, that’s the mayor.
    The real problem is the City Council has been told that salaries were either frozen or they were passing out 1 percent raises – 2 percent for extraordinary – employees and that clearly isn’t the case.

      1. Nick,
        Technically no – the budget has to be approved by the council. But trust me, those raises did not happen without the mayor’s explicit approval.
        And remember, like I noted in the post, whenever any alderman asked for this data, the Mayor told them to FOIA it which is patently illegal. But now we know why.

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