The real reason they don't want a new Elgin councilman

The real reason they don't want a new Elgin councilman

John Prigge
John Prigge

Not being quite as slow as some of you think I am, I’ve noticed that every single vote regarding Anna Moeller’s aldermanic replacement has fallen along the same 5 to 3 lines. And I’ve also noted that the three dissenting councilmen are always the same; Toby Shaw, John Prigge and, you guessed it, Terry Gavin – a group better known as the “conservative faction.”
Now, to to be fair, applying the term “faction” isn’t exactly accurate. It may be true that those three ran on the same ticket, but Prigge and Gavin don’t really get along and lumping Shaw, a real conservative, in with that faux conservative duo would do him a great disservice.
Toby makes independent decisions with a fiscally conservative filter based on what he thinks is best for Elgin. Prigge and Gavin make their decisions based on pandering to a specific constituency they believe will further their political aims.
So with those facts in consideration, I did some digging, and it didn’t take long to prove my theory correct. Though they’d really like to make you to think it’s the case, the real reason Prigge and Gavin, are so vehemently opposed to filling that vacant seat has nothing to do with any kind of lofty principle or altruistic tendency.
Terry Gavin
Terry Gavin

It has everything to do with the fact they only want to see a conservative face in Moeller’s place.
And the mere thought of an Hispanic appointee sends them into complete conniptions, not because they’re paragons of racial equality and they want the “best person for the job,” it’s because they firmly believe someone with the surname of Lopez or Martinez will be a guaranteed liberal voice.
To make matters worse, since Elgin’s at-large tendencies tend to favor incumbents, those two feel an appointment would give that candidate a huge 2015 leg up. Ah! But if they can stave off this devilish leftist scheme, they believe they can slate a conservative who will prevail in the upcoming election.
Who’s gonna be the one to tell them that their endorsement won’t be nearly as positive as they might think?
So when Prigge told reporters, “The picture’s been painted. Watch what happens,” what he really meant is, “Our plan to take home field advantage away from the dastardly “liberal forces” is being foiled by that pesky rule of law.”
And when Gavin said, “It’s hubris for five to think they know what’s best,” what he really meant is, “But it’s not hubris for one alderman to try and subvert the process with angry platitudes because he really knows what’s best. ”
By the way, I would hardly call councilmen Steffen, Dunne, Kaptain, Powell and Rauschenberger liberal, but when you insist upon always carrying a conservative hammer, then everything becomes a leftist nail.
But back to our main point. Ya know what! The truth really does set you free!

2 thoughts on “The real reason they don't want a new Elgin councilman

  1. And that as they “is your opinion”. I think it is a good thing when a public servant works for his constituents. No one is subverting the process or breaking the law when they suggest it may not be the greatest idea for 5 people to decide what is best for over 108,000 people. There is precedence for this in Elgin’s history. Please stick to the facts.

  2. Debbie,
    I respectfully disagree. In the case of a vacancy in any city council across this vast country, the process calls for a replacement. And the majority has certainly spoken here.
    Should the fine folks of Elgin disagree with with whomever is chosen, they will have the opportunity to apply the appropriate remedy.
    And those are the facts!

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