The real reason the Sugar Grove Township Supervisor resigned

Of course, Sugar Grove Township Supervisor Dan Nagel is telling the press he’s stepping down for “personal and family reasons,” but the truth is a little bit different.
An impeccable source tells me there’s township money missing and the criminal investigation is just getting underway.
Here’s the sad thing about this one. Nagel has served admirably for 38 years (31 as trustee and 7 as supervisor), a tenure which includes accomplishments like permanent mental health offices, new township offices, the senior center, and the community building.
But now all that public service good is about to be summarily undone by what certainly appears to be a serious lapse in judgement.
This is exactly why no one should serve on any government body for more than eight years. Because if you sit in that seat too long, that old entitlement mentality starts creeping up on you. One day you suddenly start feeling like you’re owed the job and it owes you.
And the next thing you know, you’re resigning under a black cloud.

9 thoughts on “The real reason the Sugar Grove Township Supervisor resigned

  1. I’ve served the public for 23 plus years and have never felt entitled to anything except professionalism in interactions with my fellow officials and the ability to conduct business in a responsible and reasonable manner. While I have watched a few people grow an ego beyond comprehension, I can point to many others that maintain an unwavering ability to be approachable and irreproachable public servants.

  2. Deb,
    Your mere existence supports my point. You’re getting out of the game while the gettin’s still good.
    I agree, there are exceptions, but even before endeavoring to create a Kane County list of entitled vs. non-entitled office holders, I could tell you which one column would come out longer.

  3. Jeff,
    Has the “trial” concluded, or have the charges even been filed? I can find a Beacon News article dated 11/12/2012 questioning expenses that did not include receipts… what is the dollar amount, what were the monies used for? It is troubling that in the “twitter based, non-factual” society of today that we continue to accuse people of something before they even have a day in court or even been criminally charged. Who filed the charges?
    It is being investigated, until we have the charges should be assume someone is guilty until proven innocent? If this is over allegations of a 2009 expenditure for work performed and the allegation the board did not approve it, there should be minutes from a meeting that substantiate that… as for receipts from expenditures, again, what are the dollar amounts in question?
    You appear to be placing allegations that there are no personal reasons involved, has anyone sought answers to those questions on what Mr. Nagel’s personal reasons were?
    Maybe on a another note, I am just spitballing here… What is the story behind the recent firings of other long-time employees in Sugar Grove in the assesors office and other public positions? Are there any legs to the rumors about the assesor and a Sugar Grove township board member having personal, non-professional relations… any patronage throughts regarding those aforementioned subjects and appointments on new cronies to now vacated positions after the firings? You seem to have 2 board members saying nothing and two on the “run your mouth campaing”. What are the chances one of those ass-clowns is trying to get the Supervisor job without being elected?
    I would like to suggest that we peform a Freedom of Information Act discovery request when the township supervisor position is filled by the self-appointment of a board member two years from now… I would also suggest doing one on the Sugar Grove Assesors office now. Just a couple of thoughts… I hope everyone has kept their “receipts”.
    I am pround to say I moved out of the People’s Republic of Illinois a couple of years ago. It all makes me realize why I left. Do you throw your impeccable source under the bus if they miss the boat on this one?

  4. It’s good to see that Dan Nagel still has friends like Jacob and “Banker” who are willing to sacrifice their integrity for him. It’s especially touching to see them do it when there are so many questions unanswered:
    1. Was Dan Nagel accustomed to using the Township as his personal ATM?
    2. If Dan Nagel is “innocent”, why would he offer to return the money to the Township via personal check?
    3. Why did only one trustee have the guts to turn whistle-blower when the truth came out?
    4. Why did the rest of the Town Board, including Town Clerk Rowe, fail to detect what was going on?
    5. Why is Nagel now aggressively backing Rowe for Township Supervisor? Is there still something that needs to be covered up..?

  5. I would suggest you all attend the local meetings to get a flavor for you candidates and make sure they are whom you want them to be (if you are one of the people in Illinois that voted twice for Blago you need not heed this comment… it is obvious in your prior actions).

  6. I was at the gas station in Sugar Grove tonight and overhead a guy who said, “Scott Jesseman is a penis and Harry Davis is even worse.” I asked him to elaborate and he told me that Jesseman hates Sugar Grove, which makes me wonder why he’s even running for anything in this town. I’m confused. He said that Jesseman has nothing better to do so he wants to run the township into the ground and he’s got Harry Davis as his butt buddy to help him do it, even though he prefers to shag the assessor who he’s been banging for the past 18 months. Bi-partisan or bi-sexual, whatever? Apparently he likes it when she calls him daddy. Whatever. I say call him, “not elected.” And people are going to vote for this guy? Daddy? Pathetic.

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