The President is NOT being “censored!” Sheesh!

The President is NOT being “censored!” Sheesh!

When I posted “Banning Donald Trump from Twitter at this late point is a lot like wearing a condom after your wife’s eight months pregnant,” on social media, my point was the pointlessness of banning him 206 weeks into a 208-week presidency.

It’s not unlike Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham finally denouncing his fascist and racist antics when they’ve been the enablers-in-chief every step of the way. So, suddenly now they decide to grow a pair? Can you say “disingenuous?” I knew you could!

Then the ensuing Facebook conversation took a rather fascinating turn into whether Trump’s ban amounted to a virulent form corporate censorship. And many of my liberal and libertarian friends were aghast that a journalist, of all people, fully supported that “censorship.”


You can read the rest of my non-censorship argument at the DOA site.


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