The podcast has a name, and happy Thanksgiving!

The podcast has a name, and happy Thanksgiving!

In the spirit of the holiday, I want to offer my vast gratitude to reader and St. Charlesian, William Kevin Bachman, for coming up with the PERFECT podcast name, ‘DOA with Jeff Ward!’

But before you get your hopes too high, that acronym doesn’t stand for what you think it does. Nope! This “DOA” is the shorter version of “Decisions, Opinions and Analysis,” which, trust me, you’ll get plenty of on the new show!

Per the contest’s premise, Mr. Bachman is now the proud recipient of 365 days of podcast premium content. Of course, his reaction to that amazing possibility was to say, “About my prize, shouldn’t it be something of value??” That, of course, means William will most certainly wind up being the subject of the very first show!

I’ve heard he cuts the tags off mattresses and rebroadcasts baseball games without Major League Baseball’s express written consent.

In that same thankful spirit, my regular readers already know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and it goes way beyond the impending magnificent feast and a rare spate of four days off. Like I’ve been saying, gratitude is the most powerful force in the universe!

So, I’m more than grateful for the recent donations, that I get to do what I love every day, that you’ve been reading what I love to do for almost 15 years, and that the conversation is only getting started!

The DOA debut is still scheduled for December 14! I know! I can’t wait, either!

But in the end, my fondest wish is that you enjoy your Thanksgiving as much as I know I will!




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