The May 9th Episode of Left, Right and You is a wrap

And you can listen to it right here:
Thank you to insurance expert C. Steven Tucker for calling in and not only offering reasonable alternatives to Obamacare, but debunking that whole “death panel” myth.
Another tip of our hat to LR&Y host emeritus Tim Elenz for also calling in and encouraging Republicans and Democrats to get along.
Meanwhile Pat Brady is out as Illinois GOP Chairman and, with South Carolina’s reelecting Mark Sanford, the Republican Hypocrilypse 2013 is in full swing.
Listen to the show!

3 thoughts on “The May 9th Episode of Left, Right and You is a wrap

  1. Wait, were you in a different studio or do you really have selective hearing? Mr. Tucker did confirm that there was a board of bureaucrats who have the power to decide if you get care or not. So much for health care being a right…

    1. Of course there’s a board — we’ve had them for years. The only difference is in the past they were staffed by the insurance company beaurocrats and pet doctors, and they had a profit motive to deny care. HMO, PPO, never mattered. My primary care doctor ALWAYS had to request a referral to order tests, MRIs, etc. And the insurance company always decided whether I needed it or not — and who I had to go to to get it done. All this talk about the government between me and my doctor — the insurance company has always been between me and my doctor. Gotta make sure that CEO at the insurance company can afford his vacation home in the caribean, cadillac, country club measurements, etc. One of the best parts of Obamacare is forcing the insurance companies to refund the excess premiums collected beyond what they need to pay for medical expenses plus a REASONABLE profit.

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