The First Ward's first endorsements!

Now that the newspapers are done sucking up to the incumbents, it’s time for the only Kane County endorsements that really matter – mine. Remember, I’m the only one who’s been in the trenches with these folks for the better part of a decade – not some self-important editorial board that that hardly pays attention and refuses to ask the hard questions.
So without further ado, and since Geneva is my stomping ground, we’ll start there and move outward as the week progresses.
Mayor – Bob McQuillan
Considering our rather fractious history, I never thought I’d say those words, but he’s run a great campaign and I’m feeling confident that he’s matured enough to provide some desperately needed new leadership. In addition, I’m really tired of watching Mayor Kevin Burns stretch the truth and spend my money. Red light cameras, property tax increases, water and sewer rate increases, electric rate increases and I could go on. It’s time for a change!.  I will expound on this endorsement as the election approaches.
First Ward Alderman – Zac Ploppert
Another surprise choice! This is the first time a single debate performance has completely changed my mind. The bottom line is I believe Zac will truly represent and respect his constituents’ fiscal interests while challenger Mike Bruno is so infested with the municipal mindset that it will only be more of the same. Mike’s disingenuous reaction to losing the Patch/TaxFACTS debate doesn’t bode well for future governance either. Blaming the questions and the moderator shows a lack of maturity. Vote for Zac!
Township Clerk – Geoffrey Carreiro
Please note that, like his two challengers, he’s a write-in candidate and the above is exactly how you have to spell his name. Geneva Township has long been the personal fiefdom of Pat Jaeger and that needs to change. Jaeger put up former township highway commissioner John Carlson who’s time has passed. And Joe Stanton slated his personal assistant, Debbie Draus. Remember, Stanton is the one who said he had to destroy the Pure Oil building because it couldn’t be converted to a bank drive-through until he converted it to a bank drive-through. We’ve already had more than enough of Joe.
Township Highway Commissioner – Mark Wissing
Considering Mark’s occasional poor choice of friends, this endorsement is going to get me in a boatload of trouble. But, in general (and all garage rental choices aside), Mark generally makes good township decisions. For the record, I have no problem with opponent Mike Abts who’s a really good guy other than he’s supported by Joe Stanton.
Township Trustee – Sharp, Queen, Connolly, Brazil
Quite frankly, with the exception of Sharp, I’d like to see all the incumbents sent packing because they’re nothing more than a rubber stamp for township supervisor Pat Jaeger. But since we have to vote for four and only five are running, trustee Robert Kovacs is the one who needs to go. Remember, he said Carreiro had to be bounced from the ballot so they could appoint their own choice! So much for the democratic process.
Next time it will be the Geneva school board. I know picks one and two will be, but I’m still thinking about three and four!

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