The First Ward Report – Pritzker is so much worse than Trump

The First Ward Report – Pritzker is so much worse than Trump

And when I say “worse” I mean exponentially worse, because while Agent Orange may be a megalomaniacal narcissist of epic proportion, he isn’t stupid. But as a good friend who worked with Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker before he became a politician so understatedly put it, “He’s not nearly the sharpest blade in the pack.”

It certainly shows!

But what’s even more depressing than his shocking lack of competence is, like Trump’s mindless minions, how his progressive and even liberal supporters regard him as virtually infallible. I can’t tell you how much I miss the days when those fine blue folks would regularly take on their own.

To be clear, we’re not talking about the common insipid political differences between Bernie and Joe supporters, or the battles between the loonier Republican factions. We’re talking about the capacity to call someone out because they either suck, or they just did something that sucks!

And J. B. Pritzker certainly sucks.

In the immediate aftermath of A. J. Freund’s brutal murder, we wept, we shrieked, we howled, we gnashed our teeth and we demanded change. And those Illinois Democrat legislators paid attention just long enough for that vast progressive ADHD to fade and let them completely off the hook. Then two more toddlers died last spring despite DCFS investigating those families for more than a year.

But all Pritzker and the preceding Democrat governors do is replace one crony DCFS director with another one to the tune of 15 leadership changes in 16 years. And while progressives love to shout “not one COVID-19 child death,” just 5 Illinois children under 19 have died from the virus but 123 children died in 2019 under DCFS supervision.

So, where were all the progressive and liberal voices on those eminently preventable deaths? I’ll tell you where! When I took on Aurora State Rep Stephanie Kifowit for her personal DCFS failures, her supporters went after me. It truly sucks to be the messenger.

I guess child abuse deaths don’t matter anymore.

Then there’s the Illinois Department of Employment Security which makes the DCFS debacle look downright defensible! They’ve tried three crony directors in the last two years and it only makes it worse. And what did the Governor have the flippin’ neve to say when 1.4 million Illinois applied for unemployment benefits as a result of the spring shutdowns? “Our Illinois Department of Employment Security was unprepared for the onslaught.”

Really? Those of us with just average intelligence refer to it as “cause and effect.” What the bleep did he think would happen after all manner of restaurants and small businesses were forced to close – some permanently? Even months later IDES continues to be beset by hourlong hold times, applicants who should be getting benefits hitting brick walls, and just more lame excuses from their leadership.

Haven’t you noticed that these lapses overly effect those young and minority workers who can least afford this while their supposed progressive “patrons,” who somehow believe they’re protecting them, work remotely out of their comfortable Geneva homes.

Fix it Governor Pritzker!

Oh! But I’ve saved the best for last! Because every time I see one of those absurd “Governor Pritzker, Thank you for saving Illinois lives” yard signs I want to hurl, because he’s actually cost 4,000 Illinoisans there’s!

That’s right! Of the 7,880 Illinois COVID-19 deaths, more than 4,000 have come in nursing homes and long-term care facilities. And those folks weren’t exactly out dancing nightly at Chicago bars, either, so, there’s no excuse for these contemptible and needless deaths.

What was J.B.’s answer? Despite being warned against it, he put recovered hospital patients back in nursing homes to die. And the Tribune, finally doing their job, just reported that after three months of insistent complaints about Illinois nursing homes, the Pritzker administration entity responsible for investigating those reckless homicides hasn’t moved on a single one.

Not one!

But my fellow liberals and all those insane progressives still somehow believe the Governor is doing a good job which, as previously submitted, makes them every bit as bad as Trump supporters.

I hope you can live with that.

7 thoughts on “The First Ward Report – Pritzker is so much worse than Trump

  1. i am sure DCFS has this all under control, but did you count that poor kid from Joliet I believe they found stuck under a couch? I think he was crushed to death but I do not believe anyone charged. I mean stuff happens so probably nothing untoward happened.
    Now since you are my statistical guru, what do University of Illinois numbers do to the state numbers, if anything? Supposedly they are testing ten thousand people a day and the same group every 4 days. So wouldn’t this affect numbers somehow?

    1. Jim,

      Again, those DCFS death numbers were from 2019.

      And yes that testing would great affect us because the Governor doesn’t seem to understand the connection between the number of tests and positive cases. He pays lip service to the “positivity rate” but I don’t believe he understands it. And the extra testing you describe would explain why IL has crossed the 50,000 test mark for 5 of the last 6 days.


  2. I am so tired of wealthy people who think they’re smart enough to dabble in politics. They use their wealth to leapfrog to the top without toiling in the trenches first. Trump, Rauner, Pritzker – they’re all of the same vile ilk. At least Joe Kennedy was smart enough and savvy enough, as shady a human being as he was, to obtain power by building it brick by brick instead of just buying his way through the process.

    The hypocrisy of his pounding Rauner over the Veteran’s Home issue and then turning around and dropping an even bigger ball with these nursing homes is disgusting. And I’m no fan of Rauner.

  3. Pritzker is doing a great job in spite of the hand he has been dealt and cheap shots from right wing goofs like you. What is really important right now is making sure that the biggest, most hateful and embarrassing goof of them all – Trump – does not inhabit the White House beyond his current destructive term. I’m with former Governor Jim Edgar as a lifelong Republican who finds Trump too toxic to support. Logic advocates for the mission of the Lincoln Project, “Defeat President Trump and Trumpism at the ballot box”.

  4. Yes he certainly does suck…how anyone could vote for a billionaire who yanked his toilets to save some cash on his taxes is beyond me! He is an idiot. Don’t expect him to actually look at the Covid numbers and make logical deductions…not gonna happen. Don’t even get me started about illinois’ DCFS disaster!

  5. Our political problems stem from the stupid voter. They either vote party lines, or they vote to get rid of someone else. Neither of these are acceptable for voting. You should vote for someone based on their qualifications not because the other person you dislike. This is why we get bad people in politics they take advantage of selling you that they are better then what you have now. Trump won because his platform was better then Clinton’s and he came through on much of his promises. Pritzker to me won because nobody cared for Rauner and so now we realize this was not such a good reason to vote for Pritzker. The guy has done more to tear down our economies then most states with the exception of California which has another big Governor problem. We as voters need to do better at selecting candidates based on real performance and history. Not on promises and the hope this person is better then what we have. I personally believe we Illinoisans got suckered into voting for Pritzker and now where paying the price. Literally!

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