The First Ward Report – Mayor Irvin strikes again!

The First Ward Report – Mayor Irvin strikes again!

As if it wasn’t bad enough that the citizens of Aurora have to pay for Mayor Richard Irvin’s ex-girlfriends’ employment and his baby momma’s insurance, now it’s the Kane County taxpayer who’s on the hook for his vast and dismissive arrogance.

Look! I understand we all have flaws, but most of us aren’t prone to self-righteously standing before Aurora’s black congregations while we proclaim to be a virtuous man of God when nothing could be further from the truth.

I couldn’t imagine a scenario in which the Mayor could possibly top his beyond disingenuous 2019 effort to get 20 well-supervised sex offenders thrown out of the Wayside Cross Ministries. That’s the one where Irvin installed a couple of rocking horses in McCarty Park, a well-known drug dealer and hooker haven, just to bring the Ministry within the 500-foot sex offender playground statutory limit.

And that move was particularly ironic when you consider that Wayside helped a close Irvin family member recover from some truly serious trouble – twice! Apparently, there’s no room for gratitude or the least of our brothers when they get in the way of your political ambitions.

But Mayor Irvin actually did just top himself in this very sad regard, and here’s how he did it.

Despite his insistent declarations that he was all about Aurora COVID safety and care, when a number of Hesed House homeless residents tested positive in late March, the Mayor and his administration completely ignored the obvious plague propagating possibilities.

Because if you simply ignore a problem it just goes away, right?

Fearing the worst, Hesed House reached out to the Kane County Sheriff’s Office, and clearly comprehending the potential danger, Sheriff Ron Hain stepped up to provide the required assistance. His office quickly quarantined the infected residents in a local hotel, assigning a series of deputies to care for them on a 24/7 basis.

With the rest of the Hesed House population at-risk, the Sheriff’s Office helped secure a 200-bed Schaumburg hotel, and his staff transported the remaining residents to that location to be quarantined for 30 days.

As a result of those Herculean efforts, beyond those initial cases, Hesed House remains COVID free.

But when those residents tried to returned to Hesed house a month later, despite the Sheriff’s quarantine, the City of Aurora placed all sorts of new restrictions on the facility, not the least of which was limiting the number of residents.

So, once again, the Sheriff, in cooperation with the Kane County Health Department, stepped up to provide Hesed House with portable showers, toilets and fencing to prevent those homeless folks from spilling out onto Aurora city streets where they could further contract and spread the disease.

Up to the end of august, the KCHD had been applying anticipated CARES Act COVID relief funds to cover the cost of that rental equipment and the massive staff overtime, but that’s no longer a possibility because the federal government changed the fund distribution rules for the 98th time.

Faced with those mounting expenses and a September 11 federal fund termination deadline, on September 2, Mayor Irvin assured all the agencies involved that the City of Aurora would cover those costs going forward.

But just a few days later when that transition was about to take place, what’s the best Mayor Irvin and the City of Aurora could do for the least of our brothers and sisters? The Deputy Mayor (Irvin failed to attend the second meeting) offered Hesed House a City line of credit.

Be still my fricken’ beating heart!

Please tell me, how on God’s green earth is a non-profit low-threshold donor dependent homeless shelter supposed to pay back a major loan at a time when a pandemic has rendered fundraising a virtual impossibility? And Mayor Irvin has the cojones to proclaim his vast Christian virtue to anyone who’ll listen.

If you fell prey to that eminently demonstrable deceit, don’t worry, so did I!

Recognizing this financial hit wasn’t feasible for Hesed, and clearly comprehending the risk involved in turning 100 homeless individuals out onto the streets of Aurora, Sheriff Hain stepped up one more time by taking the 25 grand a month rental fee out of his own budget for this month and the next.

That means that Kane County taxpayers are subsidizing the City of Aurora to the minimal tune of 50 grand, and that will likely turn into more. The fact that Aurorans are coughing up the cash to pay for Irvin’s self-installed City Hall harem suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

And kicking those sex offenders out of Wayside pales in comparison to this abject lack of Christian leadership and compassion.

Aurora! Don’t be fooled by this man like I was. Richard Irvin has got to go!

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