The First Ward Report – Everything ain’t always about race!

The First Ward Report – Everything ain’t always about race!

I love it when an airliner has to make an unscheduled stop to eject an unruly passenger because it inevitably involves one of this planet’s most massive hypocrisies. The airline spokesman will stand sternly at the press podium as then they scowl and pound their fist on the wooden surface  defiantly declaring they will NOT tolerate this kind of thing! Why, the presumptuous perp will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

But whenever a reporter asks, “How many mini-bottles of Jack did you serve him on the one-hour flight,” the mouthpiece always hems and haws before finally admitting, “It was only 42 but the passenger is clearly the responsible party here!”


In the very same vein, after a fan hurled a water bottle at Nets superstar guard Kyrie Irving after Brooklyn beat the Celtics in Boston, he said, “It’s just underlying racism and treating people like they’re in a human zoo.”

Before we get to my main point, I’d like to say that it likely had far more to do with the fact that Boston fans are only surpassed by the Philadelphia variety in this hooligan regard. New York fans come in a close third. And Mr. Irving’s close encounter with a plastic projectile wasn’t nearly the only recent NBA playoff event:

  • A 76ers fan recently threw popcorn at Wizards start Russell Westbrook
  • A Knicks fan spat at Hawks guard Trae Young as he inbounded the ball
  • Three Utah Jazz fans were permanently banned for hurling lewd and racial epithets at Grizzlies Guard Ja Morant.
  • And, for the pasty resistance, a Wizards fan was tackled as he attempted to run onto the floor during Monday’s playoff game against Philadelphia.

But even though most major media reporters aren’t smart enough to ask the question, having attended more sporting events than I can possibly count, I guarantee you it has very little to do with racism and almost everything to do with alcoholism.

I’m not saying that some of the people involved aren’t closet bigots, it’s just that the closet door tends to burst wide open after the eighth or ninth beer. The only reason this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often is, at an NBA average 8 bucks per small beer, most fans would have to take out a second mortgage to buy a round for their friends.

Any regular fan will attest that, whenever you attend a game in any stadium, there’s always one or more nearby overly entitled knuckleheads who insist on getting plowed. And with every beer they drink they become further convinced that the ticket stub in their pocket bestows them with a license to behave in ways they’d never consider behaving anywhere else.

And unlike it is with your local bar, those arena vendors aren’t about to tell you you’ve already had enough. Sure, some franchises stop selling beer after the seventh inning or it’s equivalent, but the drunks are well aware of this and they start stocking up beforehand.

As you might imagine, in regard to the Irving incident, a Celtics spokesperson said, “We have zero tolerance for violations of our guest code of conduct and the guest is subject to a lifetime ban from the Garden.” “Subject to?” You mean there’s some form of due process here?

Even if that nitwit ends up getting banned, there are a slew of sloppy drunks waiting line to take their place. Until the NBA gets serious about protecting their players, those arenas are gonna sell as much alcohol as they possibly can because they somehow have to come up with the cash to pay Irving’s absurd $34,000,000 a year salary.

There’s nothing at all ironic about that dynamic, is there?

So, my answer to Mr. Irving would be, if everything’s about race then nothing is, and considering the news, everything has a racist component to it these days, including, but not nearly limited to:

  • The Second Amendment
  • Forcing students to show their math work on tests
  • Using the terms “fuzzy wuzzy” or “peanut gallery”
  • And of course, simply being white according to critical race theory

And all this kind of “everything is racist” bombardment does is push the political pendulum so far to the left that it’s bound to snap back even further to the right. It doesn’t begin to solve the problem and it leads to a vast burnout that makes folks simply want to avoid the issue.

The Me-Too movement accusations got so out of hand that it didn’t open corporate doors for women, it nailed them shut. Companies were so fearful of the smallest things being considered harassment that they refused to hire women. And now that everything is about race, do you think businesses will risk hiring more than a minimum of blacks folks?

Reasonable discourse on sexual harassment and racism are always a good thing, but when overly “woke” folks appropriate these topics to use as a social cudgel, it always backfires. If the NBA truly wants to stop these kinds of incidents, perhaps they should severely limit, or even stop selling alcohol at playoff games where emotions can run particularly high.

I think it was Freud who said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes someone’s just an obnoxious drunk.


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