The First Ward Report – Elgin – March 18, 2021

The First Ward Report – Elgin – March 18, 2021

Since we haven’t discussed the eternally fascinating city of Elgin for a while, let’s get right to it!

The emperor is buck nekkid – again!

I generally cringe at the thought of having to endure yet another public speaker segment at any city council or county board meeting, and that phobia, borne of having to watch hundreds of em, is well-founded.

That said, every now and then, one of those amateur orators catches my attention and they actually make me want to stand up and cheer. And that’s exactly what happened as I watched the video proceedings of the March 10 Elgin City Council meeting.

That’s when former Elgin City Councilwoman Brenda Rodgers stood before that halcyon body and effectively tore councilman Corey Dixon an entire new one, and she accomplished that feat in a scant 70 seconds.

When she said, “I am here to talk about one of the Elgin City Councilmen violating the trust and faith of the citizens who put their faith in him,” that got my attention, and the bulk of her speech only got better:

Corey campaigned for [Sheriff] Ron Hain and in return he received a job for his support. That’s a violation of ethics. Corey’s actions were a pay-to-play and the people who trusted him and voted form do not deserve to have someone in office that is self-serving and uses their position for self-gain.

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Well…I might’ve added that Dixon hauls in 75 grand a year with a Cadillac benefits package including but not nearly limited to the private use of a Sheriff’s vehicle. The last time I checked he only works four days a week, too, so he can continue to pursue his political aspirations.

Of course, the irony is he’s the one who’s led the Elgin City Council charge to defund that police department, pull resource offices out of U-46 schools, and he was the first to convict Lt. Chris Jensen in the press which put the citizens of Elgin on the hook for a very large legal settlement.

It would seem that Dixon only believes defunding police departments who haven’t had the good sense to offer him a job.

But not all is lost dear Elginians! On April 6th you will be provided with the unique opportunity to put Mr. Dixon out of our collective misery and I’m counting on you to do just that.


I’ll take what’s behind door number 3, Monty!

And speaking of Elgin City Councilman Corey Dixon, it would appear that his blatant vote buying schemes…I mean free backpack and turkey giveaways… have rubbed off on co-council candidate Dustin Good.

To wit, Good promoted a social media contest that dangled the prospect of a free tattoo to any Elginian who posted a selfie of themselves with one of his horrifically bad yard signs. What have I been trying to tell you about truth being stranger than fiction?

And this hyper-progressive candidate guy wants to be taken seriously? Hasn’t the political process become enough of a gameshow as it is?

But the best irony ever is the name of the tattoo artist involved Good’s bribery attempt. Apparently, I’m not the only Jeff Ward on the planet. So, Good inadvertently and irrevocably attached my name to his city council campaign, and trust me, I would never want to do that kind of thing, and I’m me!

So, unless you want more diversity consultant debacles, more pointless human rights officer and sustainability coordinator hires (in the middle of a pandemic, no less), and you can’t wait until the city council hangs another Elgin Police officers out to dry, please vote for:

  • Jodi Perkins
  • Jerri McCue
  • Karin Jones, and
  • Steve Thoren

It’s time for Elgin to choose a swift return to common sense leadership.


“I’ll take ‘how to blatantly buy an election’ for 800, Alex”

Before we get started, what I want to know is, where’s the Courier-News in all of this? Does that newspaper even exist anymore? Since they’re clearly not doing their job, I’ll be happy to clue you in, and this time, in the vein of Lt. Columbo, we’ll start with the end of the story!

Jeff Meyer

The ECC teachers union is doing their damndest to buy the trustee election. Here’s how!

Despite their Illinois State Board of Elections committees having a zero cash balance, no A1 reports ($1,000 plus contributions) and no listed expenses, ECC trustee candidates Joyce Fountain and Adriana Barriga have somehow managed to send out at least 20,000 mailers and plaster the district with hundreds of yard signs.

Fascinating, right?

So where did they get the money? The lotter? Nope! While those two candidates are dead broke, the Elgin Community College Faculty Association currently maintains a rather atypically large sum of $26,334.

Fascinating, right?

If we harken back to a couple of previous trustee elections, you’ll quickly note they gave union sympathizing candidates Roger Ramey $9,000 in 2017 and Barriga $5,000 in 2019. That means it’s more than safe to say that the ECC faculty union is financing Barriga’s and Fountain’s campaigns to the tune of almost 30 grand!

Of course, the ECCFCA doesn’t want you, the voter, to know about this.

C’mon! That kind of blatantly direct connection to the union certainly wouldn’t begin to help their candidates’ chances. And they’re purposely violatin

Donna Redmer

g campaign finance disclosure laws in the process by refusing to report those expenses.

Someone really oughtta file a complaint!

So, unless you want another teachers union to buy another election and send that portion of your property tax bill straight into the stratosphere, I’d vote for incumbents Jeff Meyer and Donna Redmer. Not only have they consistently stood up to this kind of overly aggressive union tactic, but they’ve been faithful stewards of every last taxpayer dollar for their entire tenure.

All I can say is, despite the fact my wife is a teacher, I’m really starting to loathe teachers unions.

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  1. PC Alert!!!! Just a thought, Jeff, when writing about a Black person, even a lowly as an alderman, I don’t think the term Buck should be anywhere around headline. Probably Nekked is not good either; I guess I should check on that. But putting them together has got to be truly offensive to some one somewhere. Enjoy the day

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