The First Ward Report – Black lives clearly don’t matter to Black Lives Matter!

The First Ward Report – Black lives clearly don’t matter to Black Lives Matter!

To give you some idea of exactly where this Evanston, Illinois, classic liberal is leaning these days, I just cancelled my New York Times subscription over their lurching-to-the-left lynching of former editorial page Editor James Bennett.

And when the eminently progressive regular Rolling Stone contributor Matt Taibbi writes:

…the American left has lost its mind. It’s become a cowardly mob of upper-class social media addicts, Twitter Robespierres who move from discipline to discipline torching reputations and jobs with breathtaking casualness.

that really says something.

Don’t get me wrong (even though you surely will), it’s somewhat gratifying to see some reasonable folks talk up the mantra’s columnists like John Kass, Neil Steinberg, and yours truly have been repeating for years:

  • Police reform
  • The over-militarization of law enforcement
  • Minorities being vastly overrepresented in white suburban municipal courtrooms
  • The need for kneeling football players
  • Traffic/misdemeanor court simply separating minorities from their money to support a somewhat corrupt judiciary
  • Asset forfeiture being nothing more than legalized law enforcement theft

and so much more.

The problem is, these sane voices are being summarily drowned out by the emerging social justice cancel culture warriors who simply sit in their parent’s basement eating hot pockets while they fully engaged in an insipid online purity contest to determine who’s the “wokest.”

A perfect example of this abject stupidity is how this same cancel culture “canceled” Chicago’s iO Improv Theatre through a slew of utterly unfounded racism claims, and then the very folks who signed the spurious petition lamented they no longer had a place to perform.

There’s only two words that can describe that brand of brain-dead people and the would be “bleepin’ idiots!” These are exactly the twits and nitwits who will happily hand Donald Trump the 2020 election.

And even though I clearly see the need for the Black Lives Matter movement, and I’ve consistently supported their basic premise, they barely rank above the self-righteous bleeps who so blindly destroyed their own venue.

To wit, let’s take a closer look at the latest Chicago weekend festivities which included, but weren’t nearly limited to, 104 mostly black residents shot and 14 killed. Five of those slain were minors and one was just three years old.

That follows a weekend in which 85 people were shot and 24 of them died.

Chicgo Violence

And the best these Chicago “activists” can do is publicly demand that the three-year-old’s killers turn themselves in? I had no idea it was that easy! Has someone explained this to the CPD?

There were no protests, no marches through the affected neighborhoods, no bold public proclamations, no blocked highways, no social media barrage, and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton were nowhere to be seen.

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown lamented:

There are too many violent offenders not in jail, or on electronic monitoring, which no one is really monitoring. We need violent felons to stay in jail longer and we need improvements to the home monitoring system. We also must collaborate with our criminal justice partners to create a safer Chicago.

Even though our new Chief came perilously close to the only solution to gang violence, Brown didn’t dare utter the rest of the truth because that would’ve cut his superintendent tenure to the shortest in Second City history.

Ah! But Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea did have actually had the temerity to tell the truth when he recently explained:

The 16 and 17-year-olds that are running around shooting each other, we’re not wasting our time trying to save them. They’re lost. We’re trying to focus on the 3-, 4-, 5-year-olds, all the way through up to maybe 12 and 13, where we have a chance at saving them and changing their lives and changing the direction they’re going in their lives.

And to say the Chief was excoriated by BLM and all manner of black activists would be just like saying President Trump has a minor Twitter addiction. After the various and sundry repeated calls for his head, O’Shea backed off faster than Lea Michelle’s co-stars!

Trust me! I understand the ultimate solution to Chicago’s gang violence is economic opportunity, but even if we poured billions of dollars into the West Side by the end of the year, given the required cultural mind shift, it would take at least a decade or two to realize any real gains.

As those Zen folks like to say, you have to start with where you are now, and where we are now is sitting squarely in the morass those blithering oblivious white Cook County prosecutors created when they though it was a good idea to lop off those traditional gang leader heads.

Their theory was that the body of the snake would then wither and die, but the gangs devolved into ultra-violent splinter faction that no one can control, instead. And neither Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot nor Chief Brown will be able to solve this problem through anything other than the application of brute legal force.

As former Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin said on the former Ward & Jones radio show, these shooters are a well-known gang minority, but we lack the stomach to get them off the streets and put them under the jail. Once they’re removed, we have to apply the best community policing methods to save the children that, as Chief O’Shea noted, can still be saved.

And the activist response to his beyond keen perception of the obvious was the sound of crickets.

The bottom line is, if black lives really mattered, those generally well-meaning BLM activists could put an end to this Chicago violence by mobilizing their vast human resources to stand on those weekend street corners and put a serious dent in the drug trade that fuels this ultimately self-destructive violence.

But they don’t because, just like the white folks they loathe, BLM has co-opted the eminently Caucasian theme that their “constituents” can do no wrong and personal responsibility always starts with everyone else but themselves. You’ve come a long way baby!

If black lives really matter, BLM sure has a funny way of showing it!

3 thoughts on “The First Ward Report – Black lives clearly don’t matter to Black Lives Matter!

  1. Sorry Mr. Ward, maybe I’m among the those who are getting you wrong; “lynching” was not the apt word to use in this article.

    I am not in my parents’s basement but understanding that political correctness can go too far does not mean we should have license to use racially insensitive terms at the wrong times. The “twits and “nitwits” you write about may hand Donald Trump the 2020 election but they will not do so “happily.”

    I’m going to stay out of the NY Times decision to fire Bennet. After all, there is something to the point that Bennet, who was opinion page editor, admitted to not having read Tom Cotton’s piece. Maybe he should have and if he had, maybe some factual corrections would have been in order. But, this is a digression because it’s not about the NY Times.

    You write, “they barely rank above the self-righteous bleeps who so blindly destroyed their own venue.” Just who are the “they” that you’re referencing? BLM? Hmmm. Not all of them were out of control. Yes, there were some and they should be criticized and prosecuted but the inclusiveness of the “they” could provoke incorrect conclusions. It’s like those who are outraged that some black Chicagoans graduate from high school without being able to read. Of course there are. It’s not a big leap from there to the Elders of Zion.

    Maybe the solution is to have BLM mobilize their vast “human resources” to stand on street corners.

    The problem started decades ago by Chicago redlining and I’m sure that it will take decades to fix. It’s not any one thing; it’s a lot of “one things” that need to be done. Lumping unlawful rioters with well-meaning reformers is not one of those things.

    1. I’d respond but there’s absolutely no point. And I’ve been a liberal all my life, and unlike you, I’ve tackled all of these issues – in print – for all of my journalistic life.

      Enjoy your hot pockets!

    2. One interesting fact that has been covered up or ignored all together. About 15 yrs ago The Juvenile Division of the Illinois Dept. Of Correections became its own department and became the Illinois dept. of Juvenile Justice. Back then the Statewide Juvenile Population was over 2000. In the name of reform laws were changed to make Juvenile commitment more difficult, parole conditions more lenient and sentences shortened through fewer time extensions for infractions (especially violent charges). Today the Statewide population is less than 400. During this “transition” shootings and murders steadily increased, l”flashmobs” of teens have emerged. The advocacy groups refuse to take responsibility stating, “there is no proof” to show correlation.(how much more proof is needed than a dead body)? The money “saved” was to be “redirected ” to community programs. Behold! This is what defunding looks like! It already started and has been happening 15 yrs ago. Powers that be will boast on how well they reduced population but will not mention increase in violence.

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