The First Ward – Coronavirus Report – April 5, 2021

The First Ward – Coronavirus Report – April 5, 2021

Since we haven’t done one of these things in quite some time, let’s get right to it!

But rather than traditionally starting off with the statistics, since so many of you thought this liberal would never do it, I’m not-so-pleased to report I will be injected with the Johnson and Johnson iteration at the Elburn Walgreens tomorrow.

And The not-so-happy part has nothing to do with the shot itself. After enduring two separate two-year runs of weekly allergy shots in my late teens and twenties, frequently at the hands of MD’s who exceled at leaving softball size bruises, I have no fear of the needle. The potential side effects don’t concern, either. It’s just that, for the same reason I never get a flu shot (and I never get sick), I have no faith this thing is gonna prevent anything.

There’s a good reason they call it, “the practice of medicine.”

But since I’m longing to return to The Paramount, Riveredge Park and the Arcada, I’ll endure it for those purposes and those purposes only. I’ll let you know if I have any serious issues with it.

So, now it’s on to the numbers! And in the words of those great Philosophers, The Talking heads, it’s the “same as it ever was.”

With testing being somewhat more consistent, the Illinois ten-day moving case number average in early February was 2,669, and it was remarkably similar 2,674 for the last ten day of March. Though the hospitalization numbers have seen a bit of a recent uptick, the stock market would call it, “a dead cat bounce” because the numbers had nowhere to go but up.

Despite that mild increase, hospital bed, ICU bed, and ventilator usage are all down 33 percent over early February. As you might have already intuited, the prevalence confirms this trend with the early February 10 day average sitting at 1 in 29.6 with final March tally averaging 1 in 28.5.

True to our months-ago prediction, the Illinois mortality rate has bottomed out at 1.7 percent and it’s not likely to go any lower. But it’s important to remember that if we remove those utterly unnecessary 10,323 Illinois nursing home deaths, our mortality rate drops to a much more palatable 0.8 percent.

And speaking of predictions, if you head back to those earlier April and May 2020 First Ward COVID reports, you’ll quickly note the statistical math never lies. Absolutely everything those columns predicted has come to pass, not the least of which the disease would become more contagious but far less lethal.

Yet folks still give me all kinds of crap for not being an expert when the “experts” couldn’t get it right if you spotted them a working crystal ball. So, with a year of this crap under our belts here’s what we can say with certainty:

1. Mitigations are meaningless

The drowned out actual experts have been saying this from the beginning, and here’s your bleeping proof!

Despite insisting on some of the most restrictive mitigations from day one, the State of Illinois sits squarely in 16th place for most COVID cases per million residents. The vast irony being that 12 states WITHOUT mask mandates have done far better, including the more populous Florida and Texas.

Put more simply, Anthony Fauci is one of the biggest medical frauds this planet has ever seen.

And all those European countries that American lauded as paradigms of Pandemic virtue are now thrusting a third shutdown upon their populations and facing rioting in the streets as a result. Those countries include England, Finland, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, and Germany, where they used water cannons, pepper spray and clubs against the protestors.

Remember that female prime minister social media meme asking “What do all these countries have in common? Well, Germany’s Angela Merkel just proved that having a vagina does not make you a better leader.

In fact, I’d call resorting to beating your own citizens in the street a complete failure.

2. It ain’t going anywhere

We knew that the Coronavirus was here to stay from the very beginning.

But despite that stark reality, Democratic governors, teachers, and progressives in general, don’t want to move forward with anything until there’s some sort of guarantee that no one will contract the disease anymore.

Part of that mindset is the political power the pandemic has provided, but far more of it is the result of combing a nanny-state mentality with a press pandemic porn incited irrational fear. I’ll say it one more time! As anyone who lived through 1968 will tell you, THESE ARE NOT UNPRECEDENTED TIMES!

3. The “experts” led us down the primrose path

As we also discussed back in early May, the mitigations did nothing but protract the pandemic. The only way out of these plagues has been, is, and will always be, herd immunity. So, instead of identifying and protecting the truly at risk which became abundantly clear in mid-May, we prolonged the plague’s progression giving mutational drift plenty of time to wreak it’s inevitable evolutionary havoc.

To wit, the B.1.1.7 variant is not only more contagious, but initial studies say it’s also more deadly by somewhere between 61 to 64 percent. The new vaccines “appear” to be effective against these mutations, but that doesn’t instill a great amount confidence.

So, all that staying home hasn’t saved lives, it’s going to cost lives, particularly in Second and Third World countries where vaccine rollouts are particularly difficult.

Great job progressives!

4. No has the courage to say “Put the fork down”

This is the insidious facet of the plague that truly frosts my flakes. Not only have the “experts” managed to get it wrong every step of the way, but for fear of the politically correct ramifications, they refuse to tell people to take care of themselves.

Again, no one should die for the sin of being old, but we could have, and should have, protected our at-risk senior citizens from the very beginning.

Despite the U.S. adding up to just 4 percent of the planet’s population, we’ve suffered 25 percent of the COVID casualties because 42 percent of Americans are not just overweight, they’re obese. It’s the single greatest contributing factor to a more severe COVID case and outright death, but no one’s willing to say that the emperor has no clothes.

And if you won’t take care of yourself, what make you think the people who do, will? Where’s JFK when you really need him?


So now, it all comes down to a vaccination race against time and the B.1.1.7 variation, and with Europe completely screwing up in the inoculation regard, it greatly increases the chances of a coronavirus mutation that won’t respond to any of the current vaccines.

So much for the f*****g “experts.”



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