The DOA coronavirus report – the plague persists!

The DOA coronavirus report – the plague persists!

A great part of the reason we haven’t done a coronavirus report in a while is that there’s nothing new to report. And that lack of significant statistical change makes Illinois Governor Pointless’ and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightweight’s recent moves to mitigate the “mitigations” more than a little suspect.

Well…there has been one major change, but before we get to that too-obvious shift, let’s get to the numbers, and the good news is I finally moved into the ‘80s by moving the most recent month of data into a spreadsheet format, so my good friends at Nexxus Publishing should have no trouble posting them (see link attached).

Upon the initial glance, I’m sure the first thing you’ll note is the prevalence, or the measure of how many tests it takes to generate one positive COVID result, sits squarely in its 1 in 10 to 1 in 15 channel. And it’s been there since the disease became more contagious but less lethal in early July.

Though it’s not a perfect measure, it’s far better than the absurd “infection rate” in that it tells that if you test 12.5 Illinoisans, one of them will have contracted the disease.


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