The Democratic war on women

The Democratic war on women

If what you’re doing sounds like an Onion headline, you’ve gone too far. – Bill Maher on the Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has officially become the tragic equivalent of that alcoholic relative who, after relapsing the fifth time on their way to rock bottom, proceeds to savagely alienate every family member who tries to help them. And when they finally find themselves utterly alone, they have the nerve to whine about how everyone’s abandoned them.

As previously stipulated, this alienation process started with the Dems ignoring their traditional Rust Belt blue collar workers and generally taking them for granted.

Then Dems turned on those formerly reliable minority voters by slamming them with pointless economically disastrous COVID mitigations, picking up the “Defund the Police” standard, and essentially legalizing crime in deep blue cities like San Francisco and Chicago. So, blacks and Hispanics are leaving the Party in record numbers.

Still unsatisfied with their handiwork, the Asians who supported Barack Obama to a 73 percent tune in 2012 are also abandoning the Party in droves. They’re not happy with Democrats supporting a public school system that believes math is racist and methodically eliminates the gifted programs in which Asian children have traditionally excelled.

They’ve long since disaffectd classic liberals like yours truly through their blind pursuit of the everyone-has-to-always-feel-good participation trophy culture. Bill Maher told a story of a lifelong Democratic voter turning to Trump after he watched a mother profusely apologizing to her five-year-old daughter while she was having a meltdown in a grocery store parking lot. Noting the Clinton sticker on her car, he said “I just can’t vote for that.”

Then they lost their well-educated white male base with their addiction to what James Carville calls “faculty lounge politics” that defy all reason and typically put Caucasians last. Cancelling Abraham Lincoln? Really?

Do the subtractive math and you’ll quickly note that white women are the only demographic left in the Democratic camp. But now the self-destructive Party of the Jackass is doing their best to alienate them, too.

It started with their 2020 adoption of the pejorative term “Karen” which, according to, is used to describe an “obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people’s behaviors.”

That word was amusing for about ten seconds, but the stark electoral reality is the largest swath of American voters are – you guessed it – average middle-aged white woman who already feel like they’re under siege. Middle-aged white women are responsible for putting Trump in office and they’re also responsible for kicking him out.

So, why would any political party with a quarter of the sense God gave a billy goat go out of their way to show such unbridled contempt for the voters who consistently determine their presidential fate?

But since God protects children and fools, just when I thought all was lost the Supreme Court handed the Dems the kind of once-in-a-lifetime gift that could fully restore their great white women hope – they reversed Roe v. Wade. This unexpected shift provided the faltering party with the perfect messaging medium to draw white women back under their blue auspices. C’mon! “Abortion rights equals women’s rights” is something that even wackiest woke Democratic Party regular couldn’t possibly screw up, right?


Because in a clearcut case of stupid is as stupid does, the Dems have become so terrified of offending a single soul in the miniscule 0.58 percent trans community they’ve replaced the word “woman” in their pro-choice messaging with “birthing people” or “people who menstruate.”

Don’t believe me? Our generally moderate 14th District Congress Person Lauren Underwood recently actually said the following at a political forum:

In the United States today, Black birthing people are three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than their white counterparts.

Really? “Black birthing people?” What’s next, “non-birthing follicly challenged Caucasian people who make strange sounds when they get up from a chair” for old white males?

As the aforementioned Mr. Maher put it, “Ah Democrats! Let’s take the first f*****g word a human animal understands, ‘mama,’ and replace it with something best understood by four Trotskyites at Berkeley.” Only the Party of the Jackass could snatch that kind of abortion debate defeat from the jaws of an almost assured victory.

In fact, the Democrats are so bad at this game that the anger over these beyond stupid declarations completely obfuscates how the Republicans are suppressing the vote, making a mockery of the Constitution, aiding and abetting insurrection, tacitly supporting mass shootings, undermining democracy with a stolen election conspiracy theory, and generally setting this country back 85 years.

Applied correctly, any one of those messaging opportunities should lead to landslide Democratic victories, but its’ not going to happen. As soon as the Republicans do or say something truly stupid – a feat that occurs with an alarming regularity – the Democrats look them straight in the eyes and say, “Hold my beer!” And removing the word “woman” from your political vocabulary is so egregious that even an insurrection starts to pale in comparison.

Looking on the limited bright side, I’m tempted to say the Dems couldn’t possibly do any worse than this one, but 3.5 campaign months is an eternity for these idiots. It’s more than enough time for them to top it.

Per my standing prediction, the Republicans will clean the donkey’s clock come November and, once again, those dumfounded Democrats will point fingers at each other and blame everyone but themselves for their utterly avoidable losses.

I suppose there’s some solace in the thought that some things never change.


One thought on “The Democratic war on women

  1. . . I would like to believe I am woke . .
    . . I am NOT Woke . . or WOKE or W O K E !!!!!!!!!
    . . I am NOT Militanty WOKE either . . .
    . . “birthing people” and “people who menstruate.” are Women . .
    . . “Ejaculating people” are Men . . . (I’ve not heard that, BUT “Woke)
    . . In college I studied Anatomy and came very close to getting a cadaver of my own . .
    . . Medical Science is pretty impressive, but Trans women cannot menstruate nor Give birth and
    . . Trans Men can not Ejaculate . . YET !!!
    . . Trans women can be mothers and Trans men can be fathers, just not Biologically . . YET !!
    . . I guess I am wondering . . ¿ What the Fuck ????

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