The Daily Herald strikes again!

The Daily Herald strikes again!

Despite that it’s been out there for months, the suburban paper that would’ve found a way to praise Mussolini decided the fact that Drew Frasz’s Democratic county board opponent posed for Playboy was suddenly “news.”

Sonja Blade from Mortal Kombat

A few blog posts ago we questioned whether DH reporter Lenore Adkins was incompetent, not too smart, biased, or D, all of the above. After today’s DH article the answer is obviously D. And I will not give the absurd piece any gravitas by providing a link to it.
Adkins refers to Branson as a “pinup” girl which only proves she exists somewhere back in 1939.
But before we continue, let me clearly state that, as long as you’re of the age of consent, I don’t give a flying bleep if you take your clothes off for the world to see. Considering what Ms. McConnaughay has perpetrated over the course of her tenure, had she posed nude (a terrifying thought if there ever was one), that would be the least of my worries.
And let’s give Ms. Branson a boatload of credit for raising and advocating for two disabled children. I’ve worked with the mentally ill and know exactly what those families have to endure. I can only imagine what she’s had to endure (her twins have cerebral palsy).
But, what does bother me about Branson is her complicity with Midway Video Games, the misogynists who put out the Mortal Kombat series which include a vignette of a young woman being torn in half by the legs. I may be reasonably laissez-faire, but those games are not allowed in my house.
Branson lent her likeness to the “Sonja Blade” character and apparently the “conservative” DH believes this is OK.
My quarrel isn’t with Ms. Branson. She’s just another run-of -the-mill blond who’s managed to get by on her looks and thinks that gravy train will never end.  My battle is with the DH editors who believe this woman is a credible candidate and somehow think, with everything going on in Kane County, this is the real news story.  Adkins continues to do her best to lend credibility to a candidate who’s nothing more than a running joke.
That, with the exception of Jim Fuller, makes that newspaper nothing more than a joke. I think it’s time to cancel my subscription.

2 thoughts on “The Daily Herald strikes again!

  1. As I remember, Jim Fuller’s predecessor covering county government was a girl reporter who,
    when asked why she never asked Karen any serious questions, replied:
    “I’m afraid that if I did that, she wouldn’t grant me access.”

  2. Denny, I really want to like the Daily Herald, but I just can’t. Not only do they fail to do their job, but their culture is such that they think people really care what they have to say.
    And if I’m going to complain about the GOP’s failure to call out their own, the least I can do is call out newspapers that don’t come close to the minimum standard.

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