The Coronavirus Repot – August 18, 2021

The Coronavirus Repot – August 18, 2021

Only two things are infinite, the Universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former – Albert Einstein

Stupidity is infinitely more fascinating than intelligence. Intelligence has its limits while stupidity has none. – Claude Chabrol

There was a time I enjoyed the prospect of attacking a coronavirus report if for no other reason than to prove that math and real science still matter. But now it’s a matter of girding my loins and brushing off the heavy fatigue from having to deal with so much rampant stupidity and baseless fear. But since this writer is nothing if not persistent, per my favorite current quote, “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!”

I’m convinced Henry musta been dealing with a plague, too!


A superspreader?

The only thing anyone “superly” spread in regard to Lollapalooza was a whole lot of horse manure. Rex Huppke, the world’s worst columnist, called it “a mistake waiting to happen,” among other things, while Northwestern Medical School Professor Tina Tan droned on about the impending “recipe for disaster” at length:

Yeah it was an outdoor event, but it was an outdoor event with over 100,000 people (a day) in a small space. You’re less able to transmit COVID in an outdoor space, but that doesn’t mean that you can pack 100,000 people into a small, enclosed space where they’re on top of each other and expect nobody’s going to transmit. That’s not how it works.

Well, apparently that is how it works because of the 385,000 who attended Chicago’s premier music festival, just 200 got the plague. That comes out to a blitheringly low 0.05 percent infection rate and the fine folks tracking the event have absolutely no proof that Lollapalooza was the proximate cause of any of those cases. I provided Mr. Huppke and Ms. Tan ample opportunity to admit they were wrong and take responsibility for spreading baseless fear, but so far, neither has taken  me up on my generous offer.

Meanwhile, as we’ve stipulated here for months, per the CDC it’s virtually impossible to catch COVID-19 outdoors. But that hasn’t stopped dozens of events from being cancelled including Elgin’s Nightmare on Elm Street.

And mark my words, Huppke and Tan will be right back issuing dire pandemic proclamations just as soon as they think we’ve forgotten about these baseless predictions.


Sweet home Alabama?

For reference purposes, those of us with IQs over 70 call it “cause and effect.”

I’m sure it comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone within the sound of my voice that the Third World county known as “Alabama” sits squarely at the bottom of the state vaccination standings with just a 34 percent inoculation rate. As a result of this vast stupidity, the number of available Alabama ICU beds is currently -11 which means hospitals have to turn ERs into de facto intensive care units.

And it’s gonna get much worse, too!

Alabama has 1,557 ICU beds and 1,568 ICU patients, and given the unvaccinated delta variant’s current trajectory, Epidemiologists project their number of ICU patients will double by September 1. That means the mental midgets that courted this disaster will not only dominate ICU units, but regular beds, too. And that means the people who need medical care through no fault of their own will be SOL. To wit, Alabama hospitals are already cancelling cancer surgeries because they are overwhelmed with COVID patients.

I understand that one of the fascinations of this country is American never having to take responsibility for anything, but even that’s quickly becoming untenable. So, my fervent belief is it’s time to start turning non-vaccinated COVID patients away from hospitals, because at some point, we all have to live with our bad decisions.

And someone shouldn’t have to die of cancer because you were too fuckin’ stupid to get a shot.


The price of lockdowns..!

Is the delta variant. We’ve already discussed this, too!

Contagions that kill their hosts are an evolutionary maladaptation because a dead host can no longer spread the virus. Left to their own devices, deadly pathogens tend to evolve toward milder and more contagious versions for all of the obvious survival-of-the-fittest reasons. That process is hastened by allowing the disease to circulate among younger and healthier people which inevitably diminishes its severity.

How many people were asymptomatic during mid-pandemic COVID days?

But when, by lockdown default, we concentrate the worst plague sufferers on hospital floors and ICU units, we’re giving the most virulent COVID strains an opening to become the dominant form of the disease. And that’s exactly what happened when the disease “mutationally drifted” into the more contagious and lethal delta variant. Had we protected the truly at-risk and let the disease circulate among the minimal risk population, COVID-19 would already be reduced to something along the lines of the annual flu.

Pathologist Dr. John Lee provides an excellent description of this phenomenon in this excellent article.

So, as tired as I am of saying it, once again, the “cure” has become exponentially worse than the disease, and if we lockdown again…


Why are we so listening to the wrong experts?

Oh! That’s easy!

The answer is along the lines of comedian Bill Maher’s explanation for why newer religions have to be “crazier” than the previous iterations to have any shot at catching on. Think about it! The Mormons have their magic underwear and the planet Kolob while Scientologists brag about the murderous Xenu, his thermonuclear devices, and the resulting “thetans.”

We won’t even discuss the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster of which I’m a minister in good standing!

So, the problem starts with the reality that most medical professionals either toil in general anonymity, or they’re basically ignored by an American populace determined to eat themselves to death.

Ah! But then a plague comes along and suddenly the press is hanging on their every word and gutless politicians start listening to their abjectly bad advice. And as is almost always the case with a sudden limelight and new power, not only does it become quite addicting, but it requires bigger and bigger “fixes.”

Now that we’ve become somewhat inured to over a year of press pandemic panic porn, much like it is with more recent religions, the “experts” have to issue crazier and crazier statement to get the press and public to pay attention. Of course, like rabid piranhas, the press feeds right into this frenzy because crazier proclamations mean more Internet hits. In Huppke’s case, he skipped the middleman and went on to make his own bizarre bullshit declarations.

So, with absolutely no basis in scientific fact, Huppke, Tan, and the “experts” ignored the CDC by decrying Lollapalooza as an impending apocalypse destined to be greater than the Chicxulub asteroid strike. And despite being dead wrong – again – it won’t begin to deter them from issuing their next even more ominous COVID prophecies.

And this cycle will continue to perpetuate itself until, finally tiring of all the wolf crying, the American public has had enough. My best guess is we’re about 60 percent there, but I’m truly beginning to question my capacity to hold out until then.

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