The Cliff McIlvaine saga continues!

The Cliff McIlvaine saga continues!

In today’s Courier-News you’ll find my continuing commentary on the never ending Cliff McIlvaine saga. As you may recall, the City of St. Charles is finally coming down on Cliff and his 37 year-old home improvement project. 
When you think about it, this tale is an allegory for all that ails this country right now – “I’m always right despite any evidence to the contrary,” “I’m above the rules,” and “God is on my side.”
We’ll see if just spending a week and a half in jail will have any effect.  If he remains true to form as I suspect he will, the City will probably have to demolish his home.

6 thoughts on “The Cliff McIlvaine saga continues!

  1. Does Judge Museller’s court order say McIlvaine “shall” or “may” finish his house within a certain time period?
    Remember: Judge Mueller couldn’t tell the difference between the two words when he presided over the first case Jim Macrunnels brought against Karen McConnaughay. That’s why it was reversed in Appeals Court.
    How Mueller words ithe order can make all the difference in the McIlvaine case.

  2. First, McIlvaine won’t live another 37 years. Second, this harassment may drive him into his grave
    much earlier, just as the developers and their contributions to certain county officials, plus the legal system, drove Sebastian Karsh into his.

  3. Denny,
    Here’s what baffles me. Why do folks like McIlvaine and Karsh live within the city limits? If they lived in an unincorporated area there would’ve been no complaints.
    And McIlvaine’s house looks like crap. I would hate to be one of his neighbors.

    1. Karsh’s home was not originally within the city limits. He was the victim of a hostile annexation when developers asked the city to extend the city boundary to bring them in so they got access to municipal utilities. When you are surrounded on three sides the city can annex you against your will. This is rightly known as a “hostile annexation.”
      My dad and his neighbors were victims of this same process, committed by the City of Batavia.
      All they got as a “benefit’ was mandatory vehicle stickers and higher electric and gas rates.

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