The 5-29 edition of Left, Right and You is…

The 5-29 edition of Left, Right and You is…

… right here: 

Rosamaria Martinez
Rosamaria Martinez

Considering all the consternation surrounding her appointment, Larry and I truly want to thank new Elgin City Councilwoman Rose Martinez and current Mayor Dave Kaptain for sitting in on the entire show! It’s hard to make Larry and I look good, but they managed to do just that.
When you listen to the show, please note that Rosamaria has a certain calmness and confidence that will serve her very well on the city council. Larry and I believe she certainly has a bright political future.
And speaking of Larry, I also want to thank Left, Right and You progenitor Tim Elenz, for suggesting that the smiling conservative Larry Jones join the show. Though we certainly don’t always agree, I have to say I’m having a blast working with him.
Don’t forget, next week, Tim Elenz will fill in for the vacationing Mr. Jones. McHenry State Rep Jack Franks will call in to discuss how the privatization of the lottery hasn’t really worked out and the future of gambling in Illinois in general.
Until then…!

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  1. Nice program. And since I had not met Rose either before her interview for city council, it was good to get to know her better through your show and hear some of her personal insights. I look forward to working with her.
    Carol Rauschenberger

  2. Carol,
    Thanks for the compliment and listening to the show. Both Larry and I thought Rose did a great job and she has a unique perspective that will serve the council well.
    Also, I loved your “tyranny of the minority” comment at Wednesday’s city council meeting!

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