Stan Bond? I suppose we could do worse

Stan Bond? I suppose we could do worse

Getting back to Wednesday night’s festivities, I briefly mentioned that Montgomery Trustee Stan Bond got the 14th District GOP State Central nod over McHenry State Rep Barb Wheeler. And you gotta give Stan credit for circumventing Randy Hultgen’s efforts to get Wheeler that gig.
But while I’m thrilled with the new Kane County battery of Hartwell and Skillicorn, I can’t get too excited about Stan.

Stan Bond
Stan Bond

Before we continue, let’s be clear that the State Central Committee ain’t exactly the fast track to GOP stardom. Those folks are there to give statewide candidates a leg up and fill any vacancies that come under their purview.
I’m sure you’ll correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think they even get paid for what can turn out to be be a very time consuming job.
That said, when you consider the State GOP’s vast propensity to lose elections, one can’t help but hope for a dynamic panel of individuals who can pull the sluggish party right back up by their bootstraps. And, at least for now, Stan Bond ain’t that person.
A good friend described Bond as a “plodder” which is accurate. It’s not always a bad thing, but I’ll simply refer back to the previous paragraph. Then there’s the fact that power almost always goes to his head and, while it’s a political fact of life, Bond has a particular love of cutting deals to the point where too many promises are made.
As another staunch Republican said, “At least our state central committeeman is from Kane County.” I suppose there’s something to that.
Here’s hoping Stan grows into the role.

2 thoughts on “Stan Bond? I suppose we could do worse

  1. Dear Observer,
    Jealousy? You couldn’t pay me enough to take a state central committeeman job for either party. I didn’t think Sen. Oberweis was right for the gig either. And please note that my praise of Messrs. Hartwell and Skillicorn has been quite effusive.
    Mr. Bond is doing fine as a Montgomery Trustee and that’s exactly where his strength lies. We all have limitations and it’s best if we don’t try to exceed them.

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