Senator Noland gets caught stealing yard signs again!

Senator Noland gets caught stealing yard signs again!

Wouldn’t you think, after the Streamwood police explained the law and specifically warned Noland about removing Tim Elenz signs, he would’ve gotten the message? But no! The Senator seems to be an exceptionally slow learner.
Just yesterday, an Elgin resident caught the Senator himself placing Cary Collins and Joe Walsh signs in the back of his beat up old truck. When the resident asked him for an explanation, Noland claimed he was performing a public service by removing trash from the right-of-way. 
So now the always civic minded Noland is helping out the garbage collectors? When does this exemplary public official find the time to sleep?
Senator Noland knows damn well, under the new state law, you cannot touch another candidate’s signs for any reason. Even if they are illegally placed, you have to call that campaign and have them come out and remove it.
The really sad thing is, the Senator doesn’t seem to understand you’re supposed to have your lackeys steal signs under the cover of darkness – you’re not supposed to do it yourself in broad daylight.
Not only that, but three separate Elgin residents have complained about Noland signs magically appearing on their front lawns. I’m guessing the yard sign fairy is responsible.
This guy is a real piece of work!

19 thoughts on “Senator Noland gets caught stealing yard signs again!

  1. The Democrats have another bad habit; They stick their own signs in the public rights-of-way in the middle of the night. After the election, those signs are still there for another month to six weeks.

    1. The Democrats have this bad habit? Please! Judging by their misplaced yard signs, Joe Walsh, Henoch Fuentes, and Cary Collins are runaway leaders in that all-important shopping center/vacant lot/abandoned house demographic

  2. Noland DOES NOT drive an old beat up truck NOR does he own one. Noland does not touch opponents signs. GET REAL! Streamwood cops never told Noland to stop removing Elenz signs.
    I know for a fact Noland tells his volunteers not to touch signs. He has no control over HATERS against his opponents or HATERS against Jeff Ward. So, apparently one can’t believe anything Jeff Ward writes because it’s all HEARSAY.

    1. Let me guess Diana, your last name is Noland. What do you say in his defense when it comes to him plagerizing parts of a John Kennedy speech? And just because he does not own a old beat up truck does not mean that it was not him stealing signs. Why would this be posted if it were not true?

    2. Diana what is your last name? Are you afraid too? Ray Slover is a paid political consultant by the Noland camp and it his truck that Noland was driving around with last week stealing signs. Noland is a train wreck plain and simple worst Senator Illinois coming.

  3. Mike,
    Senator Noland is the worst senator currently “serving” the public. And again, I have an eyewitness who saw him with the signs in the back of the truck.
    Noland himself said he removed them “as a favor” which is clearly illegal.
    And I’ve also heard, from more than one source that the Senator’s wife isn’t too happy with him. Perhaps that might be an area of interest to my readers.

    1. I can not believe someone who is suppose to be representing a district with a gambling boat would vote “present” when asked about riverboat gambling expansion in the state of Illinois. How is that representing your constituents? Truly clueless and now stealing political signs? Really? Someone explain why they think this guy is worth his weight in cat litter.

  4. How does this piece of crap keep his job? We need to send this moron a message this tuesday. He has plagerized parts of a John Kennedy speech and now he steels signs. I was once told by a current Kane Co. Judge several years ago, before Noland was elected into office that he was a liar. This man is a poor excuse for a Senator.

  5. LOL! How old are you guys? 40, 50, 60+? Adults acting like children. TOO FUNNY!
    No need for the Cyberbullying & slanderous comments, just vote for the candidate you want and call it a day.

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