Really Sheriff Hain?

Really Sheriff Hain?

What do you do when you get caught hiring an unqualified Elgin City Councilman to a $72,000 a year part-time job? No! You don’t go to Disneyland! You shamelessly hop on the coattails of an injured seven-year-old girl in an effort to salvage some positive publicity.


That’s Lexi Hanson in the photograph, the St. Charles girl who was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver.

It’s not as if the Sheriff’s Office had to “crack” the case. The alleged driver, who turned himself in the next day, left his truck and wallet behind.

So, what’s next? Photobombing children’s birthday parties? Why does the word “despicable” suddenly come to mind? And, of course, the Daily Herald just goes along with it! I can’t wait to see what Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain does for an encore!

7 thoughts on “Really Sheriff Hain?

  1. I kind of thought the same this about Hain when I saw this. The guy is definitely a publicity hound and he doesn’t care what form it comes in. He’s still better than the prior Sheriff but he needs to slow down a little – he’s kind of shameless.

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