Quick Hits – No response from the KCSAO – day 4!

Here’s what I want you to do! Whether you find yourself in a Kane County traffic or felony courtroom, it’s immaterial. When the judge calls your case, approach the bench and explain that if the State’s Attorney’s Office doesn’t have to abide the law – a law they’re sworn to uphold – that precedent clearly applies to you as well. Then simply walk out!

Because now it’s day four, and not only have I failed to receive any response to my emails, but the KCSAO has completely ignored the Attorney General’s ruling to turn over 255 pages of sexual harassment complaints against just one former prosecutor.

McMahon 2

Though the rumors are somewhat conflicting, sources have said that, in an effort to get out from under this issue and the complete disaster his office has become, State’s Attorney Joe McMahon is aiming for the judicial seat soon to be vacated by Katherine Moran.

So, what I’d like to do is kindly remind those full circuit judges – the ones who appoint the associate judges – that one judge’s career has already been sidetracked by a credible sexual harassment allegation, and those previously mentioned complaints will eventually go public and they will show a pattern of outright complicity on the part of Mr. McMahon.

And that’s far worse than just one allegation.


5 thoughts on “Quick Hits – No response from the KCSAO – day 4!

  1. Great idea. But I think right after telling judge law should not apply to you just add Jeff Ward told me so and told me to tell you that. That way when he gets tossed in jail for contempt he probably will have you to talk with in the cell. Peace

  2. Reform to Prosecutor Immunity needs to happen. Many changes need to happen, in order to have people just start to believe in the justice system once again, but we need to start on that item first.

    If it’s good for me to abide by, it’s good for the states attorney to do so too.

  3. I truly believe 90 per cent is on the attorney. Was told number one complaint against lawyers was lack of communication then fees. In many many cases lawyers over promised or clients think impossible is obtainable. How many clients switch lawyers when reality strikes? I am still Pollyanna think judges do what is required although I will admit I was a lot more comfortable with criminal bar than divorce bar divorces tended to become final when money ran out.

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