Quick Hits Supplemental – The Daily Herald still sucks!

With a book coming out in October, my plate is pretty full, but there’s no way I’m gonna let today’s Fox Valley Daily Herald’s editorial go. What a bunch of unmitigated bullshit.

To summarize, for the 2,476th time, that mile wide and millimeter thick newspaper took Kane County Chairman Chris Lauzen to task for yet another perceived crime against humanity. And you all thought Hitler was bad! This time they’re questioning the Chairman’s motive and timing in questioning State’s Attorney Joe McMahon’s commitment to his Kane County constituents.

Apparently, it took the DH a mere two years to finally catch onto the Cook County Jason Van Dyke murder trial and our absentee state’s attorney’s role in it. And while an argument can certainly be made for the KC taxpayers underwriting that prosecution to the tune of $60,000 a month, the circular logic the DH applied makes a Trump Tweet sound like a Zen koan.

Daily Herald Building

The editorial opens  with the DH calling out the Chairman but letting the State’s Attorney slide on his very questionable decisions. I’ll say it again! Chris Lauzen’s frequent public battles are almost always counterproductive, but if the DH actually did their job, he wouldn’t have to be the one to call out errant public officials.

To wit, despite Coroner Rob Russell’s frequently fascinating choices, those eminently delicate Daily Herald editors will take his side simply because Chairman Lauzen is on the other. So, the Chairman’s motives are suspect, but McMahon’s insistent ego-driven glory seeking choices aren’t?

The editorial goes on to claim McMahon’s appointment is, “an obvious compliment to Kane County that its operations are capable of handling a case as complex and delicate as the Van Dyke prosecution.”

First, it’s not a compliment because no one else was politically naive enough to take it. And second, McMahon clearly isn’t capable of “handling” the Van Dyke prosecution and running his own office. Trust me! We’ll delve into those specifics tomorrow.

The editorial also contends it was Lauzen who started the feud with McMahon. Not true! While the Chairman certainly doesn’t shy away from public confrontation, it was Civil Division head Joe Lulves’ incompetence, arrogance, and downright disrespect for the office of chairman that set them on a collision course.

Of course, mimicking McMahon, the DH cited the Illinois law Lauzen supported that allows for special prosecutors, but that’s like blaming one Trump voter for all the havoc he’s wreaked. If I recall correctly, 59 other state senators vote “yes” on that statute, too.

But this is the statement that really frosts my flakes:

“Moreover, Kane County prosecutors no doubt will have occasion someday to seek reciprocal assistance from Cook or some other county to protect the integrity of the justice system. It would be a shame to think they would be rejected because of political infighting and the possibility that someone might miss a few meetings.”


When was the last time a Kane County murder trial drew national attention? I reached out to a number of local attorneys and judges this morning, and none of ‘em can come up with a single KC case that required a special prosecutor. So, now the DH is just making it up as they go along. This is why some fun folks insist on using the term “fake news” these days.

Those sources also informed me that a state’s attorney prosecuting a major case in another county is an exceedingly rare event. It’s the attorney general’s office or the AG’s appellate commission prosecutors who typically handle these kinds of things. And Joe McMahon damn well knows that! Aside from his lofty aspirations, there was no good reason for him to seek that appointment.

And to even compare Kane to Cook County shows a complete lack of journalistic integrity at best, and downright incompetence at worst. But while the Daily Herald continues to attack the Chairman and make the hopeless anti-bridge Longmeadow Loons front page news, here’s what they chose to ignore.

I provided the DH with evidence of the late local attorney Michael Clancy’s connection to Anjum Coffland, and his sister, Chief Judge Susan Clancy Boles,’ efforts to illegally cover it up. The story went nowhere

Shaw media ran with the story on the horrific issues plaguing the Illinois State Youth Center – St. Charles, but despite submitting hundreds of documents to the Daily Herald, they ignored that one, too.

I gave the DH everything I had on the ongoing KCSAO sexual harassment scandal – including a victim’s written complaint – but even after a prosecutor was recently fired for sexual harassment, they refused to report on it.

That says everything you need to know about John Lampinen, Jim Slusher, Jim Baumann and the rest of the DH editors who only use that paper as a medium to press their personal political vendettas. The truth is, they’re far worse than anyone they’ve ever covered.

And they abuse the public trust because their fragile sensibilities can’t handle the fact that the Chairman called them a name. McMahon may be politically oblivious, but he knows how to play the press and those DH editors’ lips are permanently attached to his bony white ass.

The editorial’s final contention was, even if Lauzen’s misappropriation of taxpayer dollars argument had merit, it should wait until the Van Dyke trial was over. To do otherwise would unduly distract McMahon from his appointed task.

If this debate really is “distracting” McMahon, all I can say is “good!” It’s the only way we’ll ever get him to pay attention to Kane County.

Have I said, “The Daily Herald still sucks?”

5 thoughts on “Quick Hits Supplemental – The Daily Herald still sucks!

  1. Last Special Prosecutor I remember was for the DuPage 7 and that cluster fuxx alone needs a book. Old as I am I can darn well see why Lisa Madigan kept out of this: Democrat prosecuting a cop good for business. A Democrat not wining really really bad before and election.
    As to your comments about the Herald still sucking; my question to you is does advertising have a part in the news business? Cynic that I am, I see an Oberwiese truck ran into some cars and a man died. All through out Herald’s coverage said a box truck did the deed never any mention of the company that owned the truck. Political power? Advertising? Or sloppy reporting? I go with first two, but as i said I am a cynic

    1. Steve,

      Trust me! I understand the Chairman isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He and I have had our moments, too.

      But while I’ve written more than one positive column on Joe McMahon, Karen McConnaughay, and even the idiot Aurora Democrats, the DH goes too far out of their way to go after Lauzen at every possible turn.


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